Behind Those Eyes

"when i look into your eyes i go weak , and my heart skips a bit" --
you and Harry have meet by coincidence.. love , tragedy , drama and much more :) ..


4. magic?




We went into it , and we were trying not to show people who we are, but obviously it was that hard , a girl saw us and she was about to scream , but quickly I covered her mouth with my hand until she calmed down.


Me: please don’t scream , we just want to sit in here , please we need a normal day.


She nodded her head furiously with widen eyes, I slowly removed my hand of her mouth.


The girl: ok , i- I really am a big fan of you , I’m the biggest directioner in my school, and I love you soooooo much.


Me: you are a really cute fan.


Her: REAAAALY? She said blushing.


Me: yea, now you gonna let us in or what?


Her: oh , yea , sorry I forgot about this hahaha sorry oh , yea this way , I’ll give you a front seats, there-there will be a small performance for the wedding.


Louis: ok , thanks *smiles*


Her: no problem at all.


Me: oh , what’s your name, love?


Her: *freaking out in whisperer* oh my god , oh my god , oh my god… oh I’m molly.


Me: nice name.


Molly: thanks , hahha ,I- I gotta go I’ll go help them to set the-the main singer.


Me: ok , thanks again.


She smiled widely and nodded then left.


Me: you’re welcome. I said to Louis.


Louis: I did not thank you dude.


Me: yea, but you’re supposed to , I let you into this wedding.


Louis: whatever curly head.


We were talking and laughing when  an old lady glared us and said : shhhhhhh , it’s a wedding party not a night in the club.


Me and Louis in sync: sorry.


I looked at Louis and we both laughed without a sound, it seemed like we’re in a history class.



Your POV:


Sasha: ok , so we have only one hour before you show up, and we need to get you ready as fast as we can.


I nodded and looked nervously at Amber. I mean I’m not ready yet , what if I forgot the lyrics and missed everything up, and I would make a fool of myself.


Amber: Awwwh, don’t be nervous , you’ll do great , I promise.


You: I hope.


Amber: look at me, breath , breath ,air is free ok ? you just need to breath.


I laughed at her reaction, and hugged her.


You: thanks Amber , you always make me calm down and feel better.


Amber: Awww, you are my bestieeeeee.



“Hi” , a lady said to me ; “I’ll be doing your makeup , I’m Viola”


You: oh , hi viola I’m Y/n.


Viola: nice to meet you darling , can you please sit there so we can start , we don’t have much time as you know.


You: yea, sure.


I sat on the chair and she started to do my makeup.


You: umm, viola can you please not apply too much makeup , I like light makeup better.


Viola: sure , I’ll make it light , you don’t need too much makeup you know, you have  a natural beauty.


You: thanks.


*One hour later*:


( )


Ok , you’re ready miss y/n? we need you to go out there , everything is set. Sasha said.


I took a deep  breath and looked at Amber.


You: wish me luck.


Amber: you’ll do great, come on go, GO.


You: ok ,ok .


I took one last breath before coming out.



Normal POV:




Hi everyone , Today is my sister’s wedding and thanks everyone for coming, so today there will be a special song for those love birds, well since the main singer couldn’t come, a really sweet girl accepted to sing here today , so I’d like to thank her so much for saving me , hahaha (everyone laughed at this point) , ok so here’s she , miss (y/f/n), this song is for you sis. Sasha said .



You went out and stood behind the microphone , you grabbed it with both of your hands and looked at the DJ man and nodded, and the song begins…



Harry’s POV:



When Sasha introduced the singer, I was playing with my phone , I felt a bit bored so I played a bit with my phone , and I never left my head UNTIL I heard that voice, I thought like who could ever sing that good, I widened my eyes, and slowly left my head looking at that girl from her shoe to her head, she was closing her eyes and singing, I felt her singing from deep down her heart, it did really touched my heart, then I remembered it’s… it’s that girl, the one that I saw at the park yesterday , WOW , I never thought I’d meet her again , and she’s actually prettier when she’s happy, wait I don’t like her, no , no no I can’t , anyone can’t like me , I won’t like them either , but I think a little bit of practice for this girl and she will be able to sing on stage.


Louis: harry , HARRY . he whispered almost yelling while nudging me with his elbow.


Me: what?


Louis: you’re thinking again, what’s on your mind mate?


Me: nothing , I  just um , never mind.


Louis: oooooh , I got it.


Me: what?


Louis: you like that girl.


Me: what? No , I don’t , I don’t even know her.


Louis: Ooook , whatever you say.




You’re POV :



I started to sing , I was really nervous , so I closed my eyes to calm down a bit , and I started to sing , I forgot about everything for a while , I felt like I was singing in my room in front of the mirror, then when I finished it , I slowly opened my eyes and everyone was silent, I didn’t know what to feel , I was confused did they like it? Or I was that bad? Until everyone stood up and clapped for me, I literally felt tears in my eyes and I thanked them and went to where Amber was.


Amber: you were great . she said hugging me.


Me: really? Oh my god thank you , I was nervous as hell.

Amber: you don’t have to , you were amazing out there.


Me: thanks, wait Amber ? you’re crying?


Amber: I’m just so proud of my best friend.


Me: Awwww , don’t cry Amber , I don’t like to see tears in your eyes. At this moment my eyes really did filled with tears.


I wiped her tears , and hugged her again.


Me: I love you girl. I whispered.


Amber: me too.


Me: come on let’s go eat something , I’m starving.


Amber: ok , put on your casual outfit and let’s go.


I went and put on my clothes , the ones that I wore before , and we both went out to eat something .




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