Behind Those Eyes

"when i look into your eyes i go weak , and my heart skips a bit" --
you and Harry have meet by coincidence.. love , tragedy , drama and much more :) ..


6. getting to know her...


You: yea , sure.


Zayn: so , umm.. actually i-


Ehhhhm , Um Zayn , harry said from behind you as he gave Zayn a glare.


You looked behind and : You are Harry  Styles.


Harry: and you are (y/f/n).


You: ok , that’s getting weird , how do you guys know my name , like for God sake.


Harry: can I sit first?


You sighed and looked and nodded , then looked at both of them waiting for an explanation, they both were looking at you and smiling like fools.


You: umm, so? You shock your head as “go ahead , explain PEOPLE.


Zayn: oh , yea , umm so harry wanted to tell you something , he wanted to say that-


Harry: THAT , umm Oh you are the girl that I meet at the park last night, and you sang at the wedding today , hahahahaha. He said cutting zayn off.


Zayn: YEA , hahahahhahha.


OK , now that was weird , you thought.


You: you… you were that guy?


Harry: yea , and you were mad at me with no reason.


You hid your face with both of your hands.


You: oh gosh , I’m so sorry , I wasn’t in a good mood , and the worst thing that anyone could do to me is to take off my earphones specially when I’m mad. You said really fast.


Harry giggled and he held both of your hands and took them off your face.


Harry: it’s fine, I shouldn’t have do it anyway. I was annoying.


You: so , you don’t think I’m a crazy angry girl.


He laughed and looked at you in the eyes.


Harry: not at all.


You smiled at him and blushed a bit while meeting his gaze.



Harry’s POV:



GOD , she has the most beautiful eyes , when she talks to anyone , I noticed that she always look at them in the eyes , and her smile through her light red lips , my heart skipped a bit every time she smiled at me or I meet her gaze, that’s all what I was thinking about the whole time, then her phone rang and she apologized and answer it, and all I could hear was this:



y/n : ‘HEEEEEY’ . she answered cheerful. ‘ I’m good , and you?’ ‘oh yea, omg I’m so sorry I forgot about it, well something happened with me today and I forgot about it’ ‘ yea , wait how did you know?’ ‘oooooooh , I expected that , and yea I saw her, hahah , you’re not upset , right? I’ll make it up to you …… I promise’ ‘Ok , stop being cheesy jase’ ‘ what is it?’ ‘ hahahahahaha , nice try , you already know the answer’, ‘ ok ….’  ‘Ok I won’t, not without you hahaha’ ‘you too cheesy, LOVE YOU’


she smiled and hung up the phone , but what the hell is that “ I LOVE YOU” THING ABOUT , uhhh , great , now I know that I have no chance at all with her , she has a damn boyfriend , great my life can’t get any better, I just want to know who is that jase guy that she loves , why him? Not me , her conversation with Amber interrupted my thoughts as it was about that guy…


Amber: let me guess , Jason , and you had plans , and you forgot about it.


y/n: URGH , true ,  I feel guilty about it. She said with sad eyes then she looked at her fingers playing with them.


Amber: don’t be , he can’t get mad at you.


(y/n) laughed and widened her eyes then looked at Amber , and said : I know.


You’re POV:



While I was in the middle of a conversation , my phone rang , uh come on , and it was Jason , ( Jason is my best friend since ever I can remember , he always had a crush on me but we sort things out , cause he knows that I don’t love him the same , but I do love him like my best best friend , and we’re going on well) and we had plans to before , like we were gonna play tennis , then go to the beach , and as usual sing while sitting on our hill , well that’s what we call it , we used to go there since we were like 10 , we sit there , Jason plays the guitar and I sing.


On the phone:




Jason: heyyyy , how you doin ?


Me: I’m good , and you?


Jason: fine , just waiting for SOMEONE who never showed up , well not like we made plans or anything.


Omb I totally forgot about that.

Me: oh yea, omg I’m so sorry I forgot about it, well something happened with me today and I forgot about it’


Jason: it’s ok , I know you preformed at a wedding today.


Me: yea , wait how did you know?


Jason: Amber called me while you were preforming , she was crying proudly hahahahaha.


Me: ‘oooooooh , I expected that , and yea I saw her, hahah and  you’re not upset , right? I’ll make it up to you …… I promise’ .


Jason: I’m not , you know I can’t be mad at the most beautiful girl in the world, and my best friend.


Me:  ‘Ok , stop being cheesy jase’.


Jason: hahahah , ok ok oh and one more thing you need to do so I can forgive you.


Me: ‘ what is it?’


Jason: be my girlfriend , oh or my wife.


Me ‘ hahahahahaha , nice try , you already know the answer’


Jason: hahaha , worth the try. We’ll meet up tomorrow ok?


Me: ‘ ok ….’ 


Jason:  and don’t do crazy things , DON’T GET INTO TROUBLES , well not without me , ok?


Me: ‘Ok I won’t, not without you , hahah.


Jason: haha , take care crazy head.


Me: you too cheesy ,  LOVE YOU


Jason: love you more.



I feel bad that I forgot , I really feel guilty , but I’ll make it up to him , so I hope he’s not upset about it , I really do hope so.



Normal POV:




You felt a bit awkward coz there’s wasn’t much to talk about with the boys , but harry found something every time to break the silence , he asked a lot of questions , hahaha but he’s gorgeous anyway.



Harry: umm , so you and Amber are best friends right?


You: yea , we’re more like sisters.


Amber: true , she’s the best ever.


You: after you , hahahaha.


Harry: hahah , that’s really nice.


Zayn: so how long you know each other?


Amber : umm , about  three years , but we started to hang out together lately.


Zayn: cool , you must know lots of things about each other.


You: yep , many things.


Harry: tell us about (y/n) Amber.



You: ehhhm , I’m still here dude.


Harry: hahahahaha , I know I just want to hear funny things about you.


You: hey , you don’t have the right to , then Zayn tell me every single funny thing about harry, ha.


Harry: NO , Zayn , I’ll kill you.


Zayn : no , I’ll tell her , hahahaha , ok so one time – harry closed his mouth with his hand .


Harry: ok ,ok I give up , you don’t have to tell me , just shut up zayn.


You all laughed at this point and continued talking about yourselves .



Your POV (again ) :




I was having a really good time with the boys , they were really kind , the other boys joined us a bit after Zayn and Harry did, we talked about everything and nothing for what about three hours , then AGAIN my phone decided to ruin the  moment and it rang, and the caller was MOM of course.



Me: sorry guys .


The boys in sync : it’s ok , it’s fine .



Me on the phone:


Me: hi mom.


Mom: where are you (y/n)? she seemed mad


Me: I’m at McDonalds with Amber.




Me: why ? what’s wrong?


Mom: just come home now young lady.


Me: ok , ok I’m coming just give me ten minutes.


Mom: I’m waiting for ya.


What’s wrong with her? Why she wants me to go back home , oh COME ON , does she has to ruin this now? UGH , that’s just my life , I can’t enjoy a moment NEVER.


Amber : everything ok? Amber asked me whispering


Me: I don’t know , that’s my mom , she  said I have to go back home immediately .


Amber: and she didn’t say why?


Me: no , but she was mad , like really mad.


Amber: ok , I’m coming with you.


Me: no , Amber you don’t need to , I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen with me when I go home.


Amber: no , I’ coming.


Me: Amber , just stay , for me ok? Then tell me everything later * I whispered this and winked to her*.


Amber: hahaha , fine, just tell me when you go home.


Me: I will.


Harry: umm (y/n) ? you’re ok?


Me: oh , yea , I’m fine , I need to leave now.


Harry: you really need to ?


Me: well , yea my mom needs me for only God knows what. I rolled my eyes.


Harry: *he sighed then looked at me* can I have your phone number please ?


Me: um , yea sure.


I gave him my phone number and said bye to the guys and went home…




what do you think your mom wants you for ?? ;) answer what are you predicting in a comment , and if you have ideas , feel free to say 'em love you all who reads ma story .......... mwaaaaaaaah :P fav please :'D

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