Behind Those Eyes

"when i look into your eyes i go weak , and my heart skips a bit" --
you and Harry have meet by coincidence.. love , tragedy , drama and much more :) ..


1. get away...



I started the story with sound effects to make it easier to imagine , (ignore the women who’s saying preview) lol


I was putting on my earphones while ringing the doorbell of my best friend’s house, I came to visit her, and hang around her house , singing , studying and crazy stuff. And yes I’m so annoying for ringing the doorbell this way, I’ve known my best friend Dana since three years , we know every single thing about each other , I tell her everything and so does she , we were so close , and when she’s upset or mad on me , I immediately notice , every once and while we sit together and tell each other what’s annoying us from each other so we don’t get fight ,we hated to fight. And I was always afraid to lose her, but I knew that she would never leave me behind.


Me: heyyyyy girl. I said taking off my earphones and hoping into the house.

Dana: hey. She said in a low tone , I knew that there’s something wrong with her but I was gonna wait til we sit and tell each other everything.

Me: what’s up?

Dana: nothing, I was watching TV.

Me: oh , umm dana? I said sitting  on the couch.

Dana: hmmm? She  mumbled.

Me: you’re mad at me right?

Dana: no , I’m not mad at you y/n.

Me: you are , you can’t lie on me dana, just tell me what have I done?

Dana: you haven’t done anything y/n , really.

Me: ok , then let’s sit and tell each other everything annoying us , ok?

Dana: ok, you start.

Me: well, I’m not mad at you in any way , and you’re not annoying me in anything, your turn.

Dana: well , urgh ,just never mind , nothing is bothering me.

Me: dana , look  me in the eyes .


She turned her head to the other side, I went and sat on the side she was looking at.


Me: dana, I’m not leaving you until you tell me what’s wrong with you , ok?

Dana: fine ,you really want to know?

Me: yea , tell me.

Dana: well , since the beginning of this year , you changed a lot and I think I started to hate you , I sometimes feel like I want to kill you.

Me: what? Are you serious? But I didn’t change.

Actually her words cut my heart , she hates me? She might be mad at me but to hate me? I felt like it’s not reality , like I’m in one of my nightmares. But I needed to know why she’s hating on me.

Dana: you did change , a lot y/n , and since you started to hang out with Amber you changed even more.

Me: you’re jealous of her? Because I’m hanging out with her?

Dana: I’m not jealous of her , you just changed and well you  stopped being the old you.

Me: we all grow up dana , and you know that even if I’m hanging out with Amber that does not mean that you’re not my best friend anymore , you are the one I that I tell everything to , you even know about me ,more than I know about myself.

I started to feel tears in my eyes but I held them , I didn’t want to show it .


Dana: I don’t know y/n , I just hate you now.

Me: fine, but I just want you to know that I will never hate you.


I stood up and went out quickly , I put on my earphones and put it on the highest volume , and walked to the park , I was crying my eyes out , I can’t believe that my best friend , the only girl in the world that I trust just told me that she hates me , I wasn’t mad at her , but I was hurt, when I get to the park I sat on a bench and cried even more , I was listening to Adam lambert song (better than I know myself)

This song I always sang when I think of dana , cause she knew everything about me.


the volume was so loud I didn’t hear anything but the song, but then someone took off my earphone from the left ear, someone took it off gently.


You will hurt your ears with that loud volume , a husky voice said .

I looked beside me , I saw a guy , but my eyes were fell of tears and it was dark around so I couldn’t recognize the guy, I turned my head again, took my earphone and put it back in my ear .

He took it off again.

Me: hey , stop this.

Him: no , it’s going to hurt your ear.

Me : why do you care? I don’t even know you.

Him: so? That doesn’t mean that I’m gonna let you hurt yourself.

I was really upset and mad , I didn’t say anything , I just stood up and put the earphone back, and walked home, but that guy he was just so familiar, could no , that’s not possible at all , urgh I just need a rest to get my mind off everything happened…




Hope you like it , please comment what do you think of the start , and if I should continue it , thanks for reading  #SmileYouAreBeautiful 

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