Dead or Alive?

Hello, my name is Molly, I think. I don't know much about anything anymore, it's all too confusing. I can't remember anything about my life before IT happened. I'm not even sure what IT is anymore. They say I belong here, but I'm not sure. I don't know where I belong. Everything is too confusing,my vision is always blurred and my memories are muddled together. I can always here them crying though, but sometimes they're laughing. The voices are never the same, they always belong to different people. I'm so very confused, and I need to I dead or alive?


2. Same

Molly's POV

Today is like all the other days in this horrible place. At least I think it's horrible. They tell me it's wonderful here. They tell me they're my friends. They tell me to fear the light and embrace the dark. I don't want to fear the light. The dark scares me, the light makes me feel warm and happy. But when I want to go to the light, he tells me not to. He tells me he needs me. I can never remember who I am or who I was. I've been wandering for days, I don't know where I am. Yet I feel no hunger, no pain, no thirst, no love. I've forgotten what it feels like to love and to be loved. Whenever I see the light I try to imagine something horrible, so that I will stop wanting to go into it, but all I ever see when I shut my eyes are children playing in the sunshine, running around, laughing, having fun. They tell me that those things I see are only my imagination, they tell me that the light is not a happy place. They tell me there is no such thing as love, or fun, or laughter. They tell me I should be glad that I'm dead becasue the life I had before was a terrible one. They tell me that they watched over me from the eyes of my dolls. They tell me that I may do the same. They tell me they are guardian angels. I never believe them because they always seem to be lying. I often stop and wonder about my life before and what I did. All I can ever remember are horrible tradgeties, yet I'm not sure any of them ever actually occurred. My memories are too vauge and muddled, sometimes I can't even tell what is light and what is dark. I'm not even sure Molly Barack is my real name. They tell me it is. They tell me that they saw the name on all of my possessions, so they know that I am Molly Barack. I never trust them. The only one I trust is Sarah, Sarah Holinder, or so she calls herself. Sarah seems just as frightened and lost as I, but they never help her. Only me. They often tell me that Sarah is not even real, but I know she is. I can feel her pain, her memories, her life. Sarah is just like me. She thinks this is just a nightmare too. But she is always afraid that it isn't and that one day she won't be here anymore to help me. She's afraid that one day I'll wake up and she'll be left alone to fend for herself. I told her I wouldn't leave her. I told her that I promise she will come with me when I leave this place. She wants to  leave just as much as I do, if not more. She has also been here longer than I. She told me that she remembers what it was like before I came. She told me that they wouldn't let her go anywhere. She wan't allowed to even breath without permission from him, even though she was already dead. I believe I am dead now, even though I don't want to believe it. Sarah tells me that we should go into the light. She tells me that her brother, Richard always told her to go into the light when she died. But sometimes she doesnlt want to go into the light because she's afraod she'll never be able to go back to her family when she wakes up. She also worries that if we go into the light that he'll get mad at us and will try to hurt us, I believe that Sarah and I will never wake up, I believe that we should go into the light, but Sarah is too scared to and I would never leave her behind. If I left her behind he would probably torture her for answers as to where I was. I want to leave, but I want her to come with me. I need a plan. 


Sarah's POV

I feel the same. Nothing new. They're always threatening me, telling me not to go into the light. I listen to them even though I don't want to. But I get scared, they scare me. Molly tells me not to be afraid, that they can't hurt me. But I don't believe her. I'm not sure if I completely trust her. I know she trusts me, but maybe that's all an act. Maybe she just wants me to go into the light so she can  tell him and then he'll come find me so he can...No. That wouldn't happen, would it? I can't go. I have to stay. There is nowhere to go, if I leave I'll never come back. This place is all too confusing. I don't have too many memories, but I have more than Molly, if that's even her real name. Molly scares me sometimes. Sometimes she seems so distant when yet she's so close. She doesn't seem like the trustworthy type, but she's the only one I have. For now. Until I wake up. I know Molly doesn't believe it will happen, that we will wake up. But I do and she cannot make me change my mind. I am staying here until I wake up. I know it will hapen. I can just imagine it. There it is. Now it's gone. The light. It was right there. I saw it with my own eyes. I think it's taunting me. It knows I'm afraid. I will not go. I need to do something though. I feel like they're watching me, like they did when I was little. I need to wake up. As I keep walking I try to find some place where I can hide and plan my escape. I can't live like this even more. They tell me I'm dead. I don't like to believe them, but I fear it's true. I feel so weak and when I walk near the light it makes me feel stronger. They tell me that the light is my enemy. They tell me that the light takes innocent souls and uses them as slaves. Sometimes I lie to Molly. I told her I had a brother named Richard. I lied. I do have a brother, but his name is not Richard it is Samuel. I need to stop thinking about this. I feel like they are hearing my thoughts as I say them in my head. I need to know who I am, who I was. It's too frustrating. I can no longer stand all the lies. That's all they tell me lies. They want me to believe them. They want me to trust Molly, but no  Icannot. Molly is not worthy of my trust. She lies and tells me that she knows nothing about her life before. But that was how I felt when I first got here. However she's been here for over a year now I think. Time is little precious when you're supposedly "dead". I need a plan. I need to wake up.

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