Kicking The Bucket.

Life for me, it's never going to be the same again. I'm ill. I haven't got long. So, I made a bucket list.


2. Beats.

I looked at the people surrounding me, shaking their bodies and whipping their hair. I smiled to myself, as I realised I was one of them. Closing my eyes, I let the beat thumping through the ground move me, I was alive. My dress hugged my curves in all the right places and my shoes made me seem a lot taller than my measly 5 foot 3 inches. 
I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around, opening my eyes, there stood Nathan, wearing his leather jacket, and smart pants, his dark brown hair tousled into control, the pure image of perfection. 
"Nathan!" I squealed jumping up to hug him, "You came!"
He smiled and rapped his long muscular arms around me "Of course I did silly, you didn't think I'd let you party without me on your birthday did you?!" 
I blushed and grabbed his hand "No, I didn't" I have never been a good liar, my rosy cheeks always gave me away. However, in the darkness of the club, he couldn't see that. "Lets go grab a drink." 
I pulled him off the dance floor and towards the bar.

"Oi!" I shouted trying to grab one of the bar tenders attention, a young bar tender spotted me and weaved his way towards me 
"Good evening gorgeous! What can I do for you?" He smiled broadly, displaying his pearly whites, I smiled "Two beers please!" I ordered shouting loudly, trying to be heard over the loud music the DJ was playing. He ducked under the bar and returned with two beers, I paid him and went to find Nathan again. 
"Zoe!" I spun on my heels sharply and came face to face with Naomi, my best friend, wearing a piece of material you could hardly call a dress. "Happy birthday you little whore!" 
I laughed and hugged her still holding the bottles in my hands "Now now Nom, you shouldn't talk about yourself like that" I winked at her and walked away, trying not to fall over in my heels. 

I found Nathan sitting in a leather booth all by him self, he was looking out on to the dance floor smiling. I sighed happily, he was my one and only.
"I got the beers!" I said happily sliding next to him "I saw Nom too, she called me a whore!" I pressed my hand to my forehead, and pretended to faint onto his lap, looking up at him.
He smiled and pressed his lips to mine softly. "Well I don't think you're a whore" He said murmured through kisses.   
I sighed happily and got up off his lap, I grabbed the beer I had placed in front of us on the table and took a swig. 
Nathan took a long strand of my blonde hair and played with it, I scowled at him, he knew I hated my hair being messed with, he just laughed.
I leaned up against him and put my mouth next to his ear "Thank you for coming" 
Me and Nathan had been in a relationship for 2 years, long distance, we had met online and after a few months of talking we decided to meet up. 
I'll never forget the first time we met... 

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