Swimming With The Fishes

Skylar needs a vacation from her stressful life. She books a 2 week cruise to just relax. She had recently had a bad breakup and just wanted to get away from everything for a while. But on the cruise she meets the boy of her dreams. Should she pursue him, even though she has had only heartbreak or just let him go?
When the ship crashes she is forced to weigh survival against true love, and make sacrifices she had never imagined.


2. Plane Ride

Finally!It is the day before I am leaving for my cruise. I am at my apartment furiously packing. I throw all my bikinis, tees, tanks, shorts, and flip flops into my suitcase. Then I add the accessories: sunscreen, sunglasses,my iPod, my nook, some money and my ID and passport. Im ready to go! I just need to wait for my friend Sophie to come and pick me up and drive me to the airport.


*45 miniutes later*

I am at the airport waiting for my flight to be announced. I am flying to North Carolina, where the cruise is leaving from.I am so excited!

They call my flight and I get on. Of course I am seated next to a creepy looking old man. I let out a sigh as I settle into my seat, as far away from him as possible. Then I hear a voice whisper in my ear.

"Hey wanna switch seats?"

I turn and find myself looking into the eyes of the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. I must have been staring because when he awkwardly cleared his throat I jumped a bit.

"Oh sorry!"I said. "Are you sure about that offer?" I shoot a look at the man who is staring at my breasts, grinning.

"Of course!It is my civic duty to help a poor lass like yourself out of a sticky situation," he said and winked.

"Okay then," I say with a smile and we switch seats.

"By the way, whats your name?"I ask him.

"Im Zayn," he replies.

"Nice to meet you Zayn. Im Skylar."




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