Little Things - (Niall Horan Fanfiction) ღ

Mia Hargrove, now 17, used to be the bestest of friends with Niall Horan, now 18, until they reached highschool. The 'best friends' drift apart as they get older, until Niall decides to go follow his dream of being a singer, and auditions for X-Factor. Will Mia ever see Niall again? And does she still have feelings for him like she used to?


8. Chapter 6; Part 1; ღ

-Mia's POV-

I woke up due to the smell of.. bacon? I opened my eyes and looked next to find that the left side of the BED empty. Then it
clicked, Niall must be cooking breakfast for himself! I smiled to myself and got up and checked myself in the mirror, I could
say I looked okay even though it is the morning. I smiled and walked into the kitchen and sat on stool by the counter. Niall was to
busy making breakfast to notice that I was there. I coughed jokingly, as he turned around and smiled brightly at me. He walked over
and pecked me on the lips.

"Hey babe, just making some bacon and toast for breakfast. Want some?" he smiled.

"I'll have a few pieces of bacon thanks." I smiled sweetly.

"Sure love, gimme a few minutes." he said.

He walked back to the stove as my mum came down the stairs. She stopped in her tracks and looked at us, then realizing it was Niall, she instantly
ran up to him and screamed;

"Niall! Long time no see! Poor old me has missed the living daylights out of you!" she spoke and Niall smiled sweetly.

"Hey Mrs H, how you been?" he asked in his dreamy strong irish accent.

"I've been brilliant, just work, work, and more work I guess." she smiled.

"That's good! Anyway, better feed you daughter, she'll probably slaughter me if I dont feed her soon." he laughed looking at me
and laughing.

"Come on Mr Horan! Hurry up! I'm hungry!" I ordered.

"Okay! Okay!" he responded.

He turned back to the stove as mum just looked at me and winked. I rolled my eyes at her before suddenly a plate of nice juicy looking
bacon was placed in front of me. I literally was drooling over it as Niall sat down next to me and started eating. He noticed me looking
and nudged me as if to say 'you-have-your-food-there'. I started to dig into the bacon and immediatly got into it. Let's just say
this is the bestest tasting bacon I have eaten. I finished up and placed my plate into the sink. Niall shortly following behind me.

I turned towards Niall.

"Hey Ni, what are the lad's up to today? Maybe we could go out for lunch..?" I asked seriously.

"Yeah, sure." he smiled.

I walked up into my bedroom and closed the door behind me. I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my aqua ankle jeans and a
top that said 'I'm with the band' on the front. Satisfied with what I chose, I sat my clothes on the bed and pulled on my new clothes. I walked into
the bathroom and did my usual make-up and walked out into the dining room again.


Sorry I havent uploaded in awhile, just school has started and I've been stressed out alot, but thankyou all for your patience!


-Emma ღ

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