Little Things - (Niall Horan Fanfiction) ღ

Mia Hargrove, now 17, used to be the bestest of friends with Niall Horan, now 18, until they reached highschool. The 'best friends' drift apart as they get older, until Niall decides to go follow his dream of being a singer, and auditions for X-Factor. Will Mia ever see Niall again? And does she still have feelings for him like she used to?


4. Chapter 3; ღ

The next morning I was awoke by my cat Freddy jumping on my bed.

“Urgh, go away Freddy!” I muttered.

Since I’m awake, may as well get up. I kicked Freddy off the bed and headed for the kitchen. I looked around to try and find mum, all I came across was a note. It read;


Hey honey,

Work called me in early today, you’ll find your breakfast in the fridge. Be home at 6 o’clock.

Love mum. Xo


I smiled and walked to the fridge, opened it and found eggs and bacon.

“Wow, thanks Mum.” I mumbled.

I put my breakfast in the microwave for 1 minute. While I waited, I walked out the front door to collect the daily newspaper. I grabbed the paper and walked inside back to the kitchen. I opened the microwave and collected the plate, and set it down on the counter. As I was eating, I opened the newspaper. Hm, not interesting, nope, uh okay, no-. In bold writing the heading said;

‘One Direction performing at Westmeath Community College. Don’t miss it!’

This is actually driving me insane, following me everywhere!


-Niall’s POV-

-Arriving at Dublin Airport-


As we walked through the arrival gates, the fans went crazy! We signed some autographs and headed out to the limo. We chucked our suitcases in the trunk and headed towards the hotel we were staying at in Westmeath.

“Wow, that was hectic.” said Liam.

“Mmm..” we all chorused together.


-Arriving at Westmeath Hotel-


As we climbed out of the limo, their were about 100 girls screaming things at us.








And that was just some of the things they were screaming at us. But I wasn’t looking for the hotel doors, I was looking for that one face, Mia.

But then again, why would she want to see me? I was the one who lost all contact with her. She probably hates me for all I know. Let’s just hope I see her today..


-Mia’s POV-

-At School-


At the school auditiorium, girls were screaming, holding signs and everything! It was like they were treating this as a real concert! The boys were due to arrive in 20 minutes, as you could probably guess, I was a nervous wreck.


-Niall’s POV-

-20 minutes later-


As we rolled up to the college, I was getting more and more nervous. It’s kind of weird, having feelings for the girl you used to be best friends with, and haven’t seen or spoken for 4 years.

We got out of the car, and entered through the back of the auditorium. Just one single girl I’m looking for, one girl that means the world to me.

Mia Hargrove.

The first song we were meant to be singing was ‘One Thing’. Well, on the stage we go!


-Mia’s POV-


There he was. Niall. My ‘best friend’. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, oh he has changed so much from when I remember. Right now, they were singing ‘One Thing’. Still the beautiful blue eyes I remember. You could see he was looking out for someone. He was very concentrated on finding whoever he wanted to find.

For a moment, I swear those gorgeous blue eyes met mine. He continued to stare, did he remember me?


-Niall’s POV-


Is that Mia? Wow, isn’t she beautiful? Do I run after her? Yes Niall, if she runs, you run after her, sounds cliche’ right? We had just finished our performance, with that I bolted out of the auditorium to find my best friend, Mia Hargrove. I looked down each corridor after another, until..



-Mia’s POV-


“MIA” he shouted.

Oh no, what do I do? I wasn’t ready for this. If I talk to him, I’m either going to cry and yell into his face, or run. You see, running doesn’t solve many problems, it only helps you get away from the things or people you want to stay away from. Back to reality..


What was that I saw in his eyes? Hurt?

“Mia! I’m so sorry! I should’ve went against management to keep in contact with you!” he shouted to me.

Wait, what? Management made him not talk to me?

“Management made you not contact me? But, why Niall?” I said lowering my voice.

“They got scared you’d keep me from my work.” He said coming closer.

This all made sense. Why did I come down so hard on him? Thinking about it, why didn’t I think of management?! I’m so stupid. I ran up to Niall crashing him into a huge hug. Oh how I have missed those cuddles.


“Yes Niall?”

“Were still best friends right?”

He didn’t have to answer that.

“Yes Nialler. Yes, we are and forever will be.” I replied with the hugest grin on my face.

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