Little Things - (Niall Horan Fanfiction) ღ

Mia Hargrove, now 17, used to be the bestest of friends with Niall Horan, now 18, until they reached highschool. The 'best friends' drift apart as they get older, until Niall decides to go follow his dream of being a singer, and auditions for X-Factor. Will Mia ever see Niall again? And does she still have feelings for him like she used to?


3. Chapter 2; ღ

-Niall’s POV-


“Boys! Meeting with management in 15 minutes! Let’s go!” Liam yelled.

“Urgh, do we have to go?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, now get your Horan butt in the van now!”


-15 minutes later-


Walking up to the management’s office was quite scary, because they could really tell what our futures are going to be. I was knocked out of my thoughts by Harry nudging my sides.

“Come on mate, let’s go in.” Harry said.

I got up and walked in where Barry and Tom (our managers) were waiting for us. As we took a seat, Barry started talking about the upcoming tour, meet and greets.

“So, we have decided to do a school performance down at a school in Ireland, Westmeath Community College in fact. We’ll be doing that performance... Tomorrow at 12:30PM. So get packin’ lads! You’re goin’ to Ireland!” he shouted.

I froze, Westmeath Community College? Yeah, that’s the school my old best friend went to, and I’m pretty sure she’s in her final year there.. Will she remember me? Were just gonna have to find out tomorrow, ey.



-Mia’s POV-


-After School-


Well, today was an interesting day. Sophia fangirling over the fact that the ‘One Direction’ lads will be performing here tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW! I just hope Niall doesn’t notice me or I’ll probably fall for my best friend again.

I mean, come on. If he notices me, so be it. I’ll run. He obviously doesn’t have anything to say to me, seeing as he hasn’t talked to me for 4 years. Just ignore him and carry on.

“I’m home mum!” I shouted as I entered through the front door.

“In here hun!” Mum shouted back. I walked into the kitchen to find mum cooking my all time favourite dinner, stew.

“Yum! Thanks Mum! I’m just going to go do some homework, call me down when dinner’s done!” I said.

Homework for me, is like researching what’s happening in the twitter world. Most of you think I’d be stalking Niall’s twitter, but no. I stalk Ed Sheeran’s twitter. I must say, I do follow 5/5 of the 1D boys just to see where they are heading, basically so I can get myself prepared when they are in town.       

I logged onto twitter and composed a new tweet, like I do every other day. (Mind you, I have 11k followers.)

“@itsjustmia; Big day ahead tomorrow! Just the lovely dinner tonight mum’s making!”

I clicked the ‘send tweet’ button and got some replies like;

“@1Dluvr246; what’s so big about tomorrow?” I decided not to reply to that, don’t really want to put my feelings and emotions into a tweet other people can see.

“@whosaidwhat; what’s for dinner? ;)”

“@itsjustmia; @whosaidwhat; vegetable stew! My favourite!” I replied with a smile.

“Honey! Dinner’s ready!” Mum shouted from downstairs.

“Kay Mum! Coming!” I shut my laptop lid and bolted downstairs to see two hot steaming bowls of stew.

“Perfect.” I smiled.


-After Dinner-


I was sitting on my bed, laptop open on twitter. When suddenly, all my followers were mentioning Niall in their tweets? I clicked on his profile and saw the tweet.

Urgh... I remember.

“@NiallOfficial; gonna be performing at Westmeath Community College, be ready! ;)”

Just perfect..


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