Little Things - (Niall Horan Fanfiction) ღ

Mia Hargrove, now 17, used to be the bestest of friends with Niall Horan, now 18, until they reached highschool. The 'best friends' drift apart as they get older, until Niall decides to go follow his dream of being a singer, and auditions for X-Factor. Will Mia ever see Niall again? And does she still have feelings for him like she used to?


7. Author's Note - ღ

Sorry I havent posted in awhile, been on holiday and christmas and new years have just passed and its been literally exhausting! So as of tomorrow, I will be posting chapter 6, and will try to update every once in awhile. Make sure to watch the video on the side bar, and dont forget to subcribe! Also tell me what you got for christmas! Would love to know what my readers did over holidays! :) Yours Sincerly, Emma. ღ

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