How Cody Simpson Became a Dog

Cody Simpson woke up one morning not feeling well. so he went to the doctors and found out he had gotten his Kennel Cough. So then began his transformation into a Dog. How will he stop this crazy transformation?


1. The Cough That Sounded like a Bark

Cody woke up real early one Saturday morning. his throat itched and he seemed to have grown a lot of hair overnight, like his fame. he felt a cough coming up. he closed his eyes and....barked..... he made a weird face and shrugged it off, getting out of bed. he walked downstairs to get the mail but it still wasnt there. just as he was about to close the door, the mail man walked to his door. Cody had the urge to bark at him, so he did "WOOF WOOF GRRRRRR" he sneered. the mailman became terrified and dropped the bag of mail running for his life. Cody chased after him running on all fours. the mailman looked behind him and saw Cody was only inches away. Cody tackled the mailman to the floor and growled in his face. he lifted up one of his hind legs and peed on him. "marking my territory cuz your mine now" cody growled. the mail man pleaded for him to stop but cody didnt listen. the mail man tried to escape from the evil dog-cody but it was impossible. "youre crazy man!let me go!" he screamed. Cody's mother ran to him and pulled cody off of the terrified mailman. "no cody stop!!!" she screamed.

Cody barked at her and his stomach began to rumbled, he shit his pants uncontrollably. the mailman ran while he could. cody he turned tothe mailman and watched him run. when he turned back to his mom he saw that she was now a orange cat. "cody we need to talk" she meowed. Cody growled at her. "cat!" he screamed andbegan barking at her. now keep in mind, his mother isnt fully a cat, she just has cat ears, fur, and a tail. 

"no cody im your mother now quit it. you will now address me as Agent Cupcakes." she meowed seriously. "we are a family of secret animal agents. we use our animal identities for work only.. we must stay in human form in public. you werent suppossed to change until you are 18 but i guess thats not the case here....BIRD!!!" she meowed as she looked to the sky and watched a bird fly by. she turned back to her son. "lets go talk to your father..." she said as she wagged her tail and turned towards the house. they walked nack home in their animal form. 

his dad was sitting at the table reading the paper. he looked down and saw them. "ots time already" he asked surprised. he then transformed into a unicorn. "son, you are to adress me as Agent Sparklesss. i am head of operations.. you lisen to all that i say. understand?" he asked. cody turned to his father "gayyyyyy" he chanted, his father shook his head. "your new name is Agent CodySimpsonsss. and you are our rookie. we will train you and teach you everything you need to know before we go out on our 1st mission together, got it?" Agent Sparklesss explained.  cody nodded. "our mission is to Destroy rebecca black's voice. you will endure months of constant training and learning.." he began cody interupted him "but what about my career! i have concerts and stuff i cant just bail out on my fans!" cody whimpered. "shut up Agent CodySimpsonsss nobody likes you." his father snapped. "now i will build the rainbow bridge to the HQ"

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