How Cody Simpson Became a Dog

Cody Simpson woke up one morning not feeling well. so he went to the doctors and found out he had gotten his Kennel Cough. So then began his transformation into a Dog. How will he stop this crazy transformation?


2. meeting the crew

Cody watches as his dad uses his horn to build the rainbow bridge. It expands out to the clouds. They climb the bridge together as a family. 

when they arrive cody's heart beats to the beat of a drum. The most beautiful creature walks by him. "who's that that?" he asks his mom. 

his mother looks into the direction cody gestures to. "oh why thats Jazel, aint she a beauty? half Deer." she replies with a smile

Cody nods and cant keep his eyes off of her and her breath taking beauty. "She's gorgeous" 

Jazel notices cody staring and sends a smile his way. Cody turns and blushes feeling embarrassed that he was caught.

Cody's dad walks his family to the HQ, The entire place was located on a cloud, not a real cloud but a mechanical one that was made to  look like a cloud from a on looker from below.

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