Little things

This story is about Lexi and Niall. Lexi and Niall were really close they became friends when people started to bully Lexi.she was 8 when it started.before niall and lexi met Lexi had a major crush on him.lexi is afraid to tell Niall she likes him because she thinks that their friendship will get ruined.


3. Moving to Ireland

Well today was moving day I packed up my stuff quickly so I can see Laura and Niall if he's there I was finished packing up and I watched alittle bit of tv then I relized that niall and I were going out I called him and he answered in the first ring hey babe he said hey boobear hows the xfactor it's going great I didn't make it on being a solo so they put me in a band and it's called one direction he said congrats babe I'm going to fly to Ireland today I said you are I'll tell my boss if I can fly there ok I said I'll call you in 10 minutes he said ok love you baby I said love you to Hun he said then we both hung up and I continued to watch tv then my favorite tv show came on regular show I was cracking up then I got a call it was Niall I was laughing when I picked up hello I said still laughing hard what are you laughing about Niall said oh it's cuz I'm watching regular show it's really funny I said Haha Icould tell he said so what did he say I said he said yes Niall said that's great I finally get to see you I said i know I miss you so much he said I want a horan hug I miss them very much I said well your going to get one today he said oh I gotta go I'm going to the airport I said ok bye babe he said bye love you :) I said love you too he said we hung up and headed to the airport I couldn't wait to see Niall I wanted to hug him

Nialls pov;
Well im flying to Ireland I brang Harry along with me then 5 hours later I was in Ireland we landed and grabbed our stuff we left and went to my house we played Xbox and stuff then I heard a knock on my door Lexi I yelled across the room

Lexis pov:
Well I arrived in Ireland I was so happy I forgot to mention my parents died in a car crash a year ago I was depressed I was staying at a hotel so after I landed in Ireland I got my bags and went to my hotel and checked in it was fancy then I put my bags in the hotel room and went to Nialls house I knocked and I heard him yell Lexi I smiled he opened the door and hugged me and kissed me then another guy came out while me and Niall were I could tell because I heard someone come out I pulled away and looked at him oh hello my name is Harry he said hi I'm Lexi I said then we shook hands then Niall said where's your parents . Oh they died a year ago in a car crash I said oh I'm sorry babe Niall said while wrapping his arms around my waist it's ok I said where you going to stay Niall said oh I'm staying at a hotel I said I'll stay with you Niall said okay I'll buy your friend over there his own room I said no don't Harry said yes I'm going to i said we walked to the hotel I went and bought him a room next to mine we went to our rooms then I layed on my bed then I felt a pair of strong arms around my waist I turned around and kissed him we started to make out then we pulled away to catch our breath Niall I said yes babe he said remember I opened the locket. Yes I do he said
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