Little things

This story is about Lexi and Niall. Lexi and Niall were really close they became friends when people started to bully Lexi.she was 8 when it started.before niall and lexi met Lexi had a major crush on him.lexi is afraid to tell Niall she likes him because she thinks that their friendship will get ruined.


1. Flashback**

When I was in third grade I had a major crush on Niall horan one day at school this girl named Ashley was about to punch me until Niall grabbed her hand I looked away and a tear came down my face Niall came to me and said are you ok love? Yes I said he wiped the tear away from my face later we became best friends **2 years later** it was my 10th birthday And Niall called me to come to his house I got ready and went to his house when I knocked Niall opened it he had 2 boxes one big and one small box he gave me the big one first I opened it and my mouth literally dropped I hugged him real tight and said thanks it was a locket I opened it and it had his face and my face he put it in me and then he gave me a bracelet I hugged him I felt like kissing him but then He would hate me then my dad called me saying that we're moving tomorrow to California Niall I said yes love he said Im moving to california tomorrow I said I'm going to miss you he said Niall I said again yes he said sadly I wanted to tell you this when I was in third grade I had a crush on you but I still do and I love you I said me too he said well I gotta go I said I walked out and he yelled wait. What I said he pushed his lips against mine we kissed for a minute I love you he said I love you too I said please don't ever forget me he said I won't I promise I said we gave another kiss and I left I was all packed up and I slept ***next morning** I went to Nialls house and told him good bye we shared a kiss and I was off to the airport I played random music until we got to the airport and until we arrived in california
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