Little things

This story is about Lexi and Niall. Lexi and Niall were really close they became friends when people started to bully Lexi.she was 8 when it started.before niall and lexi met Lexi had a major crush on him.lexi is afraid to tell Niall she likes him because she thinks that their friendship will get ruined.


4. A night with niall

I kissed him again I missed you so much Niall I said I missed you more he said I smiled then he kissed me I want another horan hug I said ok he said he wrapped his arms around me I laughed what he said nothing I just missed them so much I said I missed Lexi kisses he said I smiled your a good kisser I said no you are he said Niall your my first boyfriend I rejected every boy in California just for you I said awee I love you he said I love you too I said he kissed my forehead I put on short shorts pj bottoms and a tabletop saying I love my boyfriend I came out and Niall was shirtless and wearing sweats you look hot I said while laying next to him you look sexayyy he said awee I said I blushed a bit I love how you blush he says

*** sorry it's short ***
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