Little things

This story is about Lexi and Niall. Lexi and Niall were really close they became friends when people started to bully Lexi.she was 8 when it started.before niall and lexi met Lexi had a major crush on him.lexi is afraid to tell Niall she likes him because she thinks that their friendship will get ruined.


6. A day with the boys

When I woke up I saw Niall laying there sleeping I smiled and kissed him on the lips he woke up he wrapped his arms around my waist and said hey princess . I giggled and kissed him he smiled so what are we going to do I said lets go to the beach he said oh okay get ready I said so he went to Harry's room when he left I locked the door I layed the bikini on my bed and with short shorts with a see through shirt I quickly took off my pjs and put on my bikini and the short shorts and see through shirt I got a towel and my flip flops I made a sandwich for Harry Niall and me so we coUld eat it on our way to the beach so when I was walking to the door someone knocked I opened it was Niall I hugged him and we headed to the beach I gave them the sandwiches when I was driving once they were dOne eating we arrived at the beach we all got out and found a spot I layed my towel on the sand and took off my shirt and short shorts and don't worry I had a bikini on I put on sunblock I layed on my towel for a while until someone's shadow covered the sun I opened my eyes to see Niall and Harry staring at me yes I said they giggled and lifted me up Niall harry let me go now I said screaming they got near the water I thought of a plan tO pretend that I drowned after they threw me in the water (I can stay under water for along time) I stayed under until Niall yelled we need to find her how bought if she's dead Harry said look for that way and I'll look this way when I heard him I came up laughing then Niall spotted me and ran to me r u ok princess Niall said I got you I said laughing you owe me big time he said kinda mad awee I'm sorry I got you mad babe I hugged him and kissed him did that make you feel better I said yes it did he said we should go to the hotel it's getting pretty late Harry said we got our stuff and went in the car we drove to the hotel and went to sleep I love you Niall said while wrapping his arms around me I love you too I said we kissed and went to sleep
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