Little things

This story is about Lexi and Niall. Lexi and Niall were really close they became friends when people started to bully Lexi.she was 8 when it started.before niall and lexi met Lexi had a major crush on him.lexi is afraid to tell Niall she likes him because she thinks that their friendship will get ruined.


2. ***6 years later***

***6 years later*** I was watching the xfactor and Niall horan came up I quickly got up and dialed his moms number hello I heard Laura say hey it Lexi I said hey Lexi i miss you she said I miss you to um where's Niall ? I said oh he tryed out for xfactor well can you tell him that I said hi and goodluck I said yea I'll call him now she said ok bye we hung up and I continues to watch Niall he sounded amazing then I get a call from and unknown number I answer and say hello hey Lexi it's Niall he says omg hey Niall I miss ÿöü so much I said I miss you to Lexi he said guess what I said what? He said I'm moving back to Ireland I said omg I'm sorry if I'm not there he said oh it's fine babe oh sorry I meant best friend I said Lexi he said yes I said will you be my girlfriend he said yes I will I said yay he said well I'll talk to you later love ya bye I said love you to bye he said
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