My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
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Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


24. We Broke The Lane

I woke up in the middle of the night to Louis hot breath blowing on my neck at a steady pace. I turned over to see that his beautiful blue eyes were open and outlined red and were puffy. "What's wrong" I asked still half asleep. "I can't sleep" he managed to get out. "Why are you crying" I got more concerned and watched his mouth fall open as if he were about to say something but changed his mind. "I just started to think, your so perfect.... And Harry had gotten to give it all to you before I did. Maybe it's selfish but I wanted to be the first so badly. And I left you, what a terrible man I was to you" I hushed him with a kiss before he could say anything else. "But you can be the last" I mumbled out before he got up hovering over me in push-up position. He dropped himself down close enough to kiss me passionately while I took off his shirt. I felt a big gentle hand wander up into my shirt slowly pulling it off. My heart pounded fast, I'd never been nervous like this before. His soft lips touched my chest and he undressed himself and I completely before letting himself inside me throughout the night.
In the morning my eyes shot open as I woke up from my dream. I had dreamt of Sophia's beautiful body undermine and bare skin touching with beautiful pink lips kissing. Then suddenly I realised it wasn't a dream, Sophia was wrapped up in a sheet and I had the blanket only over the bottom half of my undressed body. She was faced away from me with her spine uncovered poking from her back. A smile stretched across my face and a small chuckle came from my throat. I couldn't believe what had happened last night. Her body quickly rolled over as she took a huge breath and released it through her nose before opening her big eyes. "Why hello there lovely" I smirked at her. She stared blankly then her face lite up finally, I guess she hadn't remembered what had happened until just now. I kissed her cheek and got up throwing her a pair of her shorts and one of my shirts before putting on a pair of comfortable pants myself. She put on the clothes lazily and threw her hair into a side ponytail with curls going every direction possible. "You can lay down for a bit" I offered "I'll make us some breakfast". I ran down the stairs to see zayn sitting on the couch staring at the coffee table. "Hey mate, do you want any food?" I tried to break his stare but it held for a good 5 minutes after. "No." He finally struggled out before getting up and dragging himself up the stairs and into his room. I stood downstairs studying the table where he was looking when I saw little carvings. They must had been when I left because there in the table was engraved "zayn + Perrie = forever" and "Harry loves Sophia and darcy most" but it looked like someone tried to scratch it out and under it there was tiny letters that said "niall saved Sophia from Louis" my heart sank and I remembered the day we went to lunch at nandos. I kissed Sophia even though I could see the fear and hurt in her eyes. I had just loved her so much and didn't want her with niall. Suddenly I snapped back and tore my eyes away from the table and began to make toast and eggs.
A heavy sent of eggs wafted into my room so naturally I jumped up excitedly and accidentally his bella making her moan and hold her face "oops sorry babe!" I rushed out before running out of the door and dragging liam out of bed to eat with me. We jumped downstairs making loud thuds each time our feet touched a stair. Bella and Sophia zoomed passed liam and I laughing those adorable giggles they had. I ran after bella and swooped her off her feet spinning her around while liam flung Sophia over his shoulder and threw her onto the Couch. They laughed loudly as liam and I claimed our seats at the table with the girls following close behind. "Where's zayn" I hadn't seen him since the car last night so I was a little worried. Sophia's head shot up immediately as she let go of he huge smile and laughs. "In his room" Louis mumbled. "Oh" I added awkwardly before digging into the food louis set in front of me. We all talked about pointless things and about when we were one direction. Every once in a while I'd get asked for a picture or see people wearing an old shirt of ours and it would make me smile. I missed it honestly. When we finished eating Sophia, bella, Louis, and I decided to go bowling,liam wanted to talk to zayn.
Sophia and I dressed in skinny jeans, I wore a hoodie while she wore one of Louis t-shirts with our hair down. It was cold because it was getting closer to Christmas so everyone just dressed in warm, comfortable clothes. "Can we stop by Starbucks?" I pleaded "yeah please! I want hot chocolate!" Sophia begged dramatically. "You girls are so needy" the boys whined jokingly. We all got a hot chocolate from Starbucks and were back on our way to the bowling ally. When we arrived Harry paid for him an I while Louis paid for Sophia and him. "Girls against boys!" I shouted my idea before thinking. "Your on" Harry smirked then kissed me gently.
The boys kept trying out different ways to throw the ball down the ally and to get In trouble while Sophia and I actually for once took the game seriously. While they acted fools Sophia and I had time to Talk, just us girls.
"How are you and Harry?" I asked her as we sipped our hot chocolate and watched the boys. She smiled at me "he's something special" she still had a big smile on her face "what about you and Lou?" She motioned to Louis who was sliding down the lane "fantastic!" I felt a smile spring across my face as well. "His birthday is soon, we should do something special for him!" I got excited by my own idea. Bellas face light up "YES!" She covered her mouth and squealed. The boys walked up to us and told us we needed to leave fast and rushed us out of the building and ran to the car. When we got In bella and I were very confused "what was that about?" I asked nervously. "The lane kinda...broke" Harry and Louis said at the same time. "BOYS!" Bella yelled at them before busting into a laugh. We drove back home to see a note on the counter that read "guys, zayn an I feel it's best we move out. Thanks for having us part of the house but we should give you four space, text me if you ever need me
Liam :)" a frown drooped over our faces as we read the note. Harry crumbled it up and threw it across the room. There goes more friends. He said before slumping down onto the couch.
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