My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
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Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


19. Truly, madly, deeply

I took Sophia to her last workout she really had to go to. We had been going for two or three months and she has lost weight rapidly. She had always been tiny but she was now back to her normal self looking like she'd never been pregnant. I powered through my workout then watched her finish hers. "Nicely done princess!" I congratulated her giving her a huge hug and enjoying her warm body against mine. "Lets get home and shower" I told her looking into her hypnotizing eyes. "Ok baby" she said with a smile and grabbed my hand. In the car she sung loudly spazzing out in the passenger seat as I laughed at her loudly. She laughed along and laid her head on my shoulder "I love your laugh" she said holding onto my arm. I didn't reply because all I could say was a complement to her and I knew that's not what she wanted to hear.
When we arrived home we ran into my room and she let down her hair. I came up to her and took both of her hands leaning close to her "your beautiful" I whispered in her ear before pushing her into the wall. I kissed her roughly but she didnt resist. When I pulled away we starred into each others eyes and she but her lip. I scooped her up and took her into the bathroom staring the water in the shower. "Ladies first" I said winking at her. A slight smile spread across her face as she striped her clothes off and I watched that amazing body disappear behind the curtain of the shower. My heart pounded as I pealed my clothes off and stepped into the shower feeling her little belly. "I love you" I told he quietly as she kissed my neck. I took the shampoo and washed her hair gently as I stared at her face, it looked like it could have belonged to an angel with her eyes closed and the water trickling down it. I felt her hands slip down my back and her fingers trace the dimples in my back right above my bum. I smiled at her and kissed her passionately. When we finally finished our shower I took a towel and dried off her beautiful body and then dried off mine. "Sophia your perfect" I finally said holding her in my arms and pressing our foreheads together. "No you are horan" she said playfully kissing my nose. I laughed and picked her up throwing her on my bed and gave her a smile. I got over her and kissed her lips then got back up and began to get dressed. "Get ready lovely girl" I told her as I slipped on my pants then searched for trousers to wear.
I wrapped myself in one of nialls blankets and walked to my room. When I got in there isabell began to laugh as hard as she could. I blushed "shut up!" I said with a smile throwing a pillow at her. "So what did y'all do in the shower huhhhhh?" She said teasing me. "Oh yeah like you have room to talk! Don't get me started on last night when you and Harry left the room mmmmhmmm girl" I said and hit her gently. "whatever! Hey let me help you get ready!" She said to me smiling "ok!" I replied back happily. She picked out a black and white polka dot dress that went to mid thigh and was the same style as my previous dresses. I put on black flats and let my hair into loose curls. She put my makeup on me and freaked out with happiness when she was done. "Perfect!" She squeaked while jumping around giving me a smile as she scrunched her nose up. I have her a hug and walked out of the room knocking on nialls door. When he opened it he had his toothbrush in his mouth and toothpaste dripping down his chin. "Wow attractive" I said sarcastically smiling at him. Without saying anything he took the toothbrush out of his mouth and shoved it in mine. "GROSSSS! Niall that's not sanitary" I squealed and whinnied. He laughed and ran to the bathroom washing out his mouth and putting the toothbrush up. "I'm sorry he said giving me a puppy dog face that made me give in. "It's fine!" I said hugging him tightly. He carried me out the the car and covered my eyes.
I tied one of my shirts over her eyes making sure she couldn't see where we were headed. "Are we almost there" she complained. "Almost, be patient babe" I replied reaching out for her hand. When we got there I picked her up along with the stuff I had brought and carried her to the spot I had planned to sit at. "Stand here and don't move!" I told her as she swayed still blind folded. I laid out a blanket and set out the food I packed. A placed my guitar by where I would sit and lit a few candles. "Here sit right here" I placed her exactly where I wanted her and took her blind fold off. "Oh my god niall!" She said happily and tears formed in her eyes. "It's so perfect!" She went on. I sat down and picked up my guitar and began to sing and old song of mine to her
"Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely fallin’
And somehow, you caved all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you
In love with you."
She gasped and jumped into my lap holding me tight tears now heavier in her eyes. "Why are you so perfect?" she asked me with an innocent tone "why are you so flawless?" I asked. She continued to hold onto me so I began to rock her back and fourth. "Would you like to swim with me?" I questioned pointing to the lake. She smiled and was already holding my hand and walking over. I slipped off my shirt and trousers jumping in with only pants on. She slipped off her dress and jumped in wearing her bra and underwear. She swam to me with mascara running down her face so I whipped it away and without thinking kissed her for what felt like a life time. We swam together and had a nice laugh when the police caught us. "Hey! You aren't suppose to be swimming there!" They yelled. She froze and looked at me with big eyes "RUN!" I yelled and we ran together leaving our clothes behind and jumping in the car soaked. "Drive niall!" She Shouted still laughing. I drove off finally reaching the flat. We sat in the car laughing so hard tears were falling from our eyes. Sophia was shivering and her teeth were chattering so I took her inside and gave her some of my clothes to wear. She came out of the bathroom and posed for me, my clothes were baggy and way to big for her but she looked so cute. I sat on the bed and pulled her onto my lap holding her like a baby. "My beautiful Sophia" I sung trying to warm her up. She smiled but I could tell her eyes were getting heavy. I got under the covers with her still cradling her in my arms and hummed the song I had sung to her by the lake. She fell asleep with a soft smile on her pale face. The last thing I did before pulling her tighter and closing my eyes was kiss her soft forehead.
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