My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
  • Status: Complete
Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


23. The Run Away Come Back Game

I came up behind Sophia's sweet scented body and kissed her cheek. She was on the couch watching Tom and jerry with bella. Her soft arms flew behind her allowing her small,skinny hands land one holding my head and one on my neck. "Hey girls" I smiled at their sleepy faces. "Would you like to see if the boys would all like to go to the zoo today?" They both jumped up with big smiles and ran to get ready. "Alright I'll go wake them up" I yelled after them letting out a gentle laugh.
My phone buzzed three tones before I went to pick it up "hello" I don't want to answer because of who was on the other end. "Soph please forgive me! Please date Louis you have to" a worried voice flowed from the phone, Eleanor's voice. "What are you talking about el?" I was confused and kinda scared. My phone was on speaker for bella to hear to. "Just please Sophia, for me" she was gasping with worry. Her voice had been followed by a long loud beep. "She hung up" I looked down in confusion but I was worried also. "Don't worry!" Bellas hyper personality bounced back and she skipped to the closet. We decided to wear matching cut off blue jean shorts with collared mesh shirts that hung lower in the back and also matched. We finished off our outfit with matching shoes and sunglasses. I looked out the window and saw the boys wrestling in the yard. "Let's go before someone gets hurt!" Bella and I agreed running down the stairs quickly. "Come on boys!" Bella demanded with a smile grabbing Harry's hand. I ran over to Louis and hugged him tightly before even thinking. "Happy?" He asked, I like I caught him off guard a little bit. I pulled away quickly "sorry I just forgot.." I mumbled out blushing. He smiled at me and hugged me tight "never apologise fore hugging me!" He kissed my forehead. "Youre too adorable" his voice became sincere making butterflies go wild in my stomach. We all got into the car and sang all the way there. When we arrived liam ran out immediately to the animals forcing zayn to run after him. Harry and bella wanted to go get something to eat so that left Louis and I alone. "So Sophia" Louis was playing with my fingers gently in his hands as we walked. "I really miss you.." He looked into my eyes making that beautiful face that he made when he just couldn't figure out what I was thinking. "I can't live without you" he hurried out and looked away fast keeping a tight stare at the ground. I moved in closer to him and swung my arms around his neck locking my fingers together and pushing up to my tiptoes. Our lips met for the first time in what felt like ten lifetimes. My heart sped so fast I was sure everyone else at the zoo could hear. I felt Louis lips curve into a smile on mine and his hands rub my back. "So yes?" Louis whispered to me allowing his breath to tickle my lips. "Of course" I buried my face in his shirt as footsteps made their way to us. "So you two are back together?" I heard a deep slow accented voice ask. "Yes Harry" I replied, my voice muffled. I heard a celebration of the boys and bella before letting go of Louis. "Let's go watch a movie at the house!" Zayn yelled with a smile. "I'm gonna text Perrie!!!" He got excited and ran to the car. The whole way home zayn was quiet. "Hey is Perrie coming?" I asked zayn as we walked into the flat. He stopped and looked down, he bit his lip as his eyes began to tear. "She dumped me" he whispered. "What?!" Shock ran through my body. Louis came up behind me "what's wrong?" He asked taking my hand. "PERRIE DUMPED ME! SHE DOESN'T LOVE ME! SHE DOESN'T FUCKING CARE ANYMORE!" Zayn screamed as the anger and sadness bursted through his voice. He looked around then ran as fast as he could down the street into traffic. I tore my hand violently away from Louis hand and ran after zayn. Everything was flashing before me. All I saw was cars racing down the street. Tears flooded my eyes until all I saw was zooming lights beaming down the street. "ZAYN NO!" I screamed loudly through trears. Strong arms picked me up as I kicked and screamed but they didn't let me down. "Sophia please baby it's ok shhhh!" Louis panicked voice was close to my ear so I assumed he was who wouldn't put me down. "I need zayn! I can't loose another friend!" I sobbed sucking air through my mouth fast. Louis brought me into the house and up the stairs, he laid me on his bed as I cried quietly. "Do you want to sleep" he looked down at me but I couldn't answer. I turned over crying harder. "Ok fine here put these on and you can sleep with me" I refused to move, my body was on lock down. Louis soft worm body pushed against my back and his muscular arms pulled my body close to his. I gasped for air quietly to myself before shutting my eyes to sleep.
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