My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
  • Status: Complete
Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


1. The Last Day

Sophia's POV:
I woke up from my nightmare gasping for air. I had dreamt that my boyfriend louis had gotten seriously injured in a car accident, wiping away the tears from my eyes I realized I really only had a few more minutes until I had to get ready for my last day of senior year. I began to drag my body out of bed inch by inch. Finally I had gotten to my mirror and started to brush my tight brown curls out forcing them to become loose long curls, I stumbled to my closet where I decided it would be a lazy day. I stepped into a pair of black leggings and pulled on an old long sleeve shirt louis had left over at my house I then put on a pair of black flip flops and made my way back to the mirror, applying a bit of mascara to give myself the illusion that I wasn't so tired. Finally I pulled my hair into a messy bun and studied myself in the mirror feeling little to no satisfaction in the effort I had put into this important day.
I heard the front door of my flat open and I screamed when I heard a familiar laugh echo from the living room "did I scare you soph????" Asked the sweet voice that belonged to louis. "My god!" I gasped "yes!" I ran into the living room embracing him in a hug. "We've better get going if you want me to take you to star bucks before school" he winked at me with those heart melting, breath taking eyes. "Well let's go!" I shouted excitedly. I loved Starbucks and I loved spending time with Lou so I was always so excited when he came to pick me up in the morning.
We got in his car and he blasted the radio screaming lyrics into my ear with me screaming right back at him, when it ended we laughed and he weaved our fingers together. He looked at me and back at the road, "your so beautiful" he said lovingly. "Oh hush!" I blushed and smile down at my legs. "It's true you know" he whispered as we pulled into the star bucks drive thru. "I WANT A VANILLA BEAN!" I yelled with a huge smile, "that makes two then" he said back with a smirk.
After ordering he drove me to school and we sat in his car just enjoying the time we had together. "You've better get going love don't wanna be late for the last day" he sounded a little upset. "I don't wanna leave you but ill back soon boo bear" I winked at him and kissed his cheek softly before getting out of his car. "I LOVE YOU SOPHIA DREW, ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!" I heard louis yell. I laughed and turned back to blow him a kiss and watched him pretend to catch it and faint before walking into what will be my soon to be forgotten school.
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