My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
  • Status: Complete
Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


10. Ready Or Not, I'm Drunk

I woke up to find myself in the bed Harry and I shared, but he wasn't beside me. I glanced around the room for him when I heard the door slam shut. "Harry?" I was panicking a little. "Yes love?" His slow familiar voice drifted to me. "Come here baby!" I was so relived. He came to me with a half eaten donut in his had. I frowned at him because I was really hungry. "Oh," he looked at his donut making a confused face then looked at me making the same face, "did you want some?" He smiled. "Yes! I'm hungry!" I whinnied. "Ok ok" he laughed bringing me the box of donuts to pick from. I ate three and felt like a pig, "this baby eats a ton" I joked and Harry smiled attempting to lay his head on my lap that was mostly covered by my belly. "So today I'm going out with the boys at the bar for a while since we haven't hung out, would you like to join?" He asked me still trying to fit his head on my lap. "Oh no I don't want to take the chances in a bar" I sighed gesturing to Darcy. He kissed my belly and started to sing to it. He sung isn't she lovely, she same song he had auditioned for the X factor to. I began to play with his curls listening to his beautiful voice flow out in song.
A few hours later Harry was waving to me "bye Sophia I love you so much!" Before I could answer he was gone. The rest of the day I had to myself, I sang, watched tv, talked to Darcy, talked to myself, ate, slept, and cleaned up a little. When I finally looked at the clock I was extremely tired, "it's 12 AM?!" I almost shouted. Where is Harry? I wondered but soon shook it off. I knew he would be home soon, he had to be. I fell asleep on the couch when I heard the door slam. Harry meant to tap my shoulder but it came out harder than expected. "Sophia wake up" he said. I got up slowly "I'm tired" I complained. "Come on baby lets have fun" he said stuttered some. "Your drunk Harry stop!" I was so scared at this point. "Babe I just wanna have fun" he said trying to unbutton my pants. "No!" I shouted slapping him in the face. He pushed me against the wall and pinned me there and began to kiss me. I shoved him off and tried to run away but he caught me causing me to fall on the ground on top of Darcy. I screamed in pain and took out my phone dialing Liam's number fast, I knew he wouldn't be drunk. Harry pushed me down again and this time it felt like a knife stabbing into me over and over. I screamed louder and didnt stop, tears rolled down my face and I lost control. I just laid on the floor sobbing listening to Liam's worried voice yell my name through the phone and then harrys. I cried more and more feeling Harry come after me one more time and my head hitting the floor. That's when everything had gone black.
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