My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
  • Status: Complete
Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


18. Lunch

I woke up the next morning with my head on Bella's lap and niall and Harry on either side of us sprawled out on the couch. I got up and wrapped my arms around nialls body as his eyes fluttered open, "good morning girlfriend!" Niall said with excitement but was sure to stay quiet. I smiled at him and squeezed onto the couch next to him as he held me close. A hour or two later zayn and Liam busted in the door and woke us all up singing their wake up song an jumping around us. "Get awayyyy" Harry's said in a sleepy voice throwing his arms around crazily. "Louis wants to go to lunch with us today" Liam yelled. I stood still and just stared at him and Bella was doing the same. "Eleanor won't be there girls calm down!" Bella and I sighed in relief. "Ok well lets go get ready!" I motioned for Bella and we ran up to my room. Isabella is a few inches shorter than me so my pants wouldn't fit her because they would be too long so I handed her over a loose lacy white skirt and a tight strapless pink shirt then I put on red skinny jeans and a blue and white stripped shirt. After our clothes were on I wanted Bella's bob and kept my curls tight so our hair matched besides mine being longer. We put on makeup and shoes then hopped down the stairs together complementing each other. By the time we got down the boys were waiting for us and we all piled into the car. "Where are we eating?" I asked curiously "NANDOS!" Niall replied loudly. When we got there we found out louis was already waiting for us with a table so we just walked in and sat down with him. "How about hugs?" Louis asked looking at all of us. He hugged Harry and Liam then went to niall and zayn and then to Bella "and who are you" he asked with a smile. "Oh I'm Harry's girlfriend Isabella" she replied kindly "well very nice to meet you" he said to her kissing her hand. Lastly he opened his arms up to me and butterflies formed in my belly. "I like your outfit soph" he winked. I held him in my arms and he held me back. I held back tears as we swayed back and forth but he soon wouldn't even let go. I tried to pull away but he wouldn't budge. "Louis let go" I demanded him attempting to push him off. I could see nialls blood practically boiling now with anger. Louis looked into my eyes and pulled me in for a kiss fast. Niall punched louis giving me enough time to run and hide in Liam and zayn who held me between them. Everyone in the restaurant was staring now with panicked expressions. A cop came up pulling louis away to talk to him while niall ran over to me holding me tight and running his thumb over my shocked face. Bella was holding tightly onto Harry scared half to death of what would happen next. "Sophia it's ok" niall told me now playing with my curls. The cops asked for him to come over to talk with them so he quickly kissed my lips and walked off to them. I stood by zayn and Liam as we all watched the three of them talk and Bella raced up to me hugging me. "He's a mad man!" She said still socked. "Trust me, I know.." I replied keeping my eyes on niall. After a few minutes everyone returned to the table and sat in an awkward silence. Niall had his arm around me holding my hand and louis gave us a death stare. Finally a waitress came to order our food and drinks. That's when conversation started to kick in. "So Sophia" louis said staring at me "Eleanor and I aren't together anymore. It's upsetting that you and...him are.." He made a disgusted face and pointed to niall. "Yes because she would be better off't she" niall looked louis up and down. "Ok boys! Enough!" I said covering nialls mouth and putting my finger up to louis. "Look louis, you had a chance and it just didnt work. I love niall and I'm not giving him up." I was looking louis dead in the eyes and wasn't scared to tell him. The rest of the table was staring at us now listening in on our conversation. "It can still work Sophia! Niall is no good you you! I need you! When will you understand?!" Louis started his sentence talking through his teeth then ended it in a whining tone. The waitress came with our food and I stayed silent. "You can't take her from me." Niall said finally and began to eat. We ate in silence until Bella finally broke the tension. "So Sophia what do you think about me moving in with you guys in your flat?" She asked with a smile. "NO WAY!" I said freaking out and smiling like an idiot. "Yes way!" She was now freaking out with me. "We can share my room!" I said with great enthusiasm "totally!!!!!!" She added just as enthusiastic. All boys but louis laughed at how happy we were but we didn't mind.
When lunch finally ended and we got back home the boys went to pack up Bella's stuff and bring it to the flat. Bella and I went to my room and began to make room for her. "Oh god Sophia no!" Bella shouted looking through my closet at all of louis clothes. I blushed at the sight. "These have to go." She said ripping the clothes out of my closet and making a pile on the ground. After she finished the pile was stacked high. "So who's up for a fire tonight "I said laughing "yes!" She laughed "we must burn the clothes" she said picking them up and putting them out in the hall. We finished cleaning the room then when the boys got back arranged her stuff into the room as well. "It looks perfect!" We squealed together. After everything was done we brought the clothes down and asked Harry to put a fire in the chimney. Without questioning he did and liam made hot chocolate for everyone. We sat by the fire watching elf, throwing clothes into the fire and watching the flames lite up bigger as each pice burnt, followed with a nice cup of Liam's famous hot chocolate. Bella and I laughed and sun Christmas songs even though it was still a few months away but we didn't care. We sat happily laughing and joking all night as the boys watched and joked with us until we finally got tired.
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