My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
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Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


21. I'm Coming Back For You

Sophia hasn't come downstairs in a while so I decided to go check on her. I ran up the stairs and raced into her room. But it was strange, the door felt like it was blocked by something so I squeezed through. I looked around Sophia's room but didnt see her anywhere. A note was on her dresser, I panicked when I read it and turned around looking for her "SOPHIA?!" I yelled "SOPHIA!!!" I gasped and ran to her limp body hanging from the belt. Rivers of tears ran from my eyes quickly "WHY?!" "WHAT THE FUCK NIALL WHY?!" I screamed. Zayn, Harry, and Bella ran into the room to see her body as well. "HELP ME GET HER OFF!" Zayn yelled pulling her head out of the belt looking at her bruises. Bella collapsed into Sophia screaming and crying "SOPHIA WAKE UP!!!!" Bella cried loudly gasping. "CALL 911 HARRY!" Zayn yelled but Harry stood in shock. His eyes were red And like the rest of us his face was soaked with tears. Zayn pushed past everyone and got an ambulance to come. I still couldn't do anything but cry and blame niall while Bella chased after the ambulance screaming for Sophia. Harry stood back watching, his lip trembling and tears flowing from his eyes down to his shirt. Zayn forced all of us into the car as he bawled and drove to the hospital. We ended up staying there for two days just waiting for news. Zayn had called louis and told him what had happened and he was on his way begging to see Sophia.
When the nurse finally said we were able to visit her Bella ran past everyone. She had to see that Sophia wasn't dead.
"SOPHIA!" I cried diving onto her hugging her as right as possible. "HOW COULD YOU! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! DON'T EVER AGAIN!!!" I yelled at her still holding her in my arms. "I'm so sorry" she sobbed to me. "I wanted everything to end. I didn't think anyone would care" she said in a downed tone. "No never!" I gasped. "You are my best friend! When I saw your poor little pale body on the ground Sophia, I didn't know what to do. I dropped right on top of you and yelled for you to wake up. I need you!" After I poured out my feelings to Sophia the boys busted in the room pulling Sophia away from me holding her each for at least 5 minutes. I saw Sophia's lips turn into a frown when louis hugged her. I could tell how badly she missed him by her eyes. Each boy lectured her for what felt like forever when zayn finally interrupted. "I have called and texted niall many times but I can't get him to answer. I'm sorry soph" he said softly looking down at the ground. "It's....ok." She gulped down the thought of him. "Uhh can sophia and I talk alone?" Louis asked nervously. We all looked at him with approval and nodded.
"Sophia, this is what? My third time seeing you sick or hurt in to hospital. I want to make sure your safe for now on, I want you to be I need you to be happy. Please forgive me, please? I'm not asking to date you, yet. I won't ever hurt you again just please let me help you get through this?" I said everything really fast not making eye contact with her once. "I....." There was a long pause as she thought. "I guess that would be fine" she answered me finally. I hugged her tightly and helped her out of bed and gathered her stuff for her. She still seemed kind of stand off Ish but I had plans to get my love back. I WOULD get her back if it were the last thing I did.
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