My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
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Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


16. Girls, movies, and the fruit loop

I waited a few seconds with my lips puckered out leaning towards Sophia. When I was about to give up and pull away I felt her lips push against mine and I couldn't help but smile. Her lips were soft against mine and I didn't wanna ever pull away. Finally when we we did however, pull away she gave me a big smile exposing her gorgeous dimple. I looked around at everyone in the room, they all looked confused, happy, and shocked at once. Sophia and I laughed and I saw her blush slightly but it faded away quickly when I changed the subject asking what we should do the rest of the day.
We all decided to go watch a movie together at the theater so Harry called Isabella and invited her over while zayn called perrie. Sophia vanished into her room to get dressed so I decided to do the same. I decided to wear kakkies and my purple polo along with my purple converse. I put my hair into a quiff and sprayed my Aeropostale cologne on then smiled at myself in the mirror making sure I looked my best for Sophia. I walked downstairs and waited about 30 minutes with everyone else when all three girls came down the stairs. They all looked lovely but Sophia looked the best, she had on a dark blue dress that was tight on top and loose on the bottom but only went to mid thigh. She wore small black heals and her hair down and straight and had the charm bracelet that she wore everyday since she was little. "Wow, you look absolutely adorable" I could feel my jaw drop at the sight. She blushed "thanks" she said looking at the ground. I put my fingers In between hers and kissed her softly. "Let's go!" Liam shouted opening the door. I swooped Sophia up dramatically and smiled at her before carrying her to the car.
When we arrived at the movies we all decided on the house at the end of the street. I loved scary movies but I could tell Sophia was really worried. I wrapped my arm around her upper back. "I'm right here Sophia I promise ill protect you" I whispered in her ear and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight "ok nialler" she whispered with a smile. We took a seat in the theatre along with Isabelle, Liam, zayn, Harry, and perrie. Sophia leaned in to me and I held her close as the movie began. Harry asked everyone quietly if we wanted any food and I laughed knowing he just wanted an excuse to leave the theater, "sure "I said "Sophia and I will take a large popcorn and drink" I finished looking at her for her approval and she nodded her head keeping her eyes glued on the screen. Her knees where up by her face and she was still leaning over on me. I smiled looking at her beautiful tiny body then finally looked back at the Screen. There were a few parts in the movie that made Sophia, perrie, and Isabelle screen or jump but they always had someone next to them to hold them close, in Sophia's situation it was me. The movie didnt scare me bad however, I just stuffed my mouth with the popcorn the whole time and probably ended up eating most of it. When the movie let out it was really late and the girls were tired. Zayn, Harry, and I decided to put one girl on each of our backs and walk out of the movies with Liam holding their purses. "I don't look like a fruit loop at all" Liam laughed then began to joke around "hey there big boy" he winked at me then hit my bum with a purse and we all laughed.
Once we got to the flat I laid Sophia on my bed then woke her up. "Why don't you change and go to sleep love" I asked her. She just whinnied and rolled over. I put one of my shirts ontop of her "here Sophia change into that then" I said trying to get her to put something more comfortable on. She rolled around then randomly began stripping down forgetting I was in the room, I turned away quickly laughing to myself and went to the bathroom taking off my shirt and putting pants on. When I came out Sophia was laying under the covers looking at me. "Do you want to sleep with me?" I questioned laughing a bit. She nodded and put her arms out motioning me to lay beside her which I didn't refuse. "Ok Sophia" I said softly climbing into my bed beside her. She pushed up against me and tucked her head into my chest falling asleep once again. I held her warm body against mine and hummed to her until I was able to sleep as well.
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