My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
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Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


17. Congratulations

I woke up before niall and sat there admiring his beautiful features and his pretty sleepy face. I got my phone and texted Isabella "hey girlie ready to shop til we drop?;)" I was excited, Bella was so nice and funny! She was a true friend and I was happy Harry found her. My phone buzzed and a message from Bella popped up "when am I not?!:D" I laughed quietly and sent her one last message "well start getting ready :) we gotta look our best!" I set my phone down and got up carefully trying not to wake niall up. I tip toed into my room and began to search through my closet, I still had all of louis clothes in it and as I pushed through them I got upset. It's ok, nialls much better for you. I told myself with a positive attitude. I decided to put on a pair of pink skinny jeans that made my legs look long and thin, I then put on a bando and slipped on a lacy see through shirt that was white. I put on a pair of wedges and brushed out my hair leaving long curls down my back. I posed a few times in the mirror then began to apply mascara making my lashes Long and dark. I put on smoky eyeshadow and foundation with a little bit of blush. There was a knock on my door and it slowly opened, nialls beautiful face peeked in and lit up as soon as he saw me. "Wow Sophia" he said sounding shocked. He held me close, even with my wedges I was still shorter than him. He smiled down at me an poked my dimple then kissed me for a while when my phone started to ring. I pulled away a bit disappointed and answered "hello" I said sweetly. "Hey girl I'm on my way over!" Isabella sounded really excited. "Ok " I giggled and hung up looking back at niall. "Bell is almost here" I told him leaning my head on his shoulder. He stood there looking into my eyes for a few minutes, I could tell he was thinking. "Your beautiful" he finally said almost whispering. I smiled and looked at him. "You will have to learn to take a complement Sophia drew" niall said to my kissing my cheek. I took his hand and pulled him along with my walking downstairs. After a little while Bella knocked on the door and took me from niall.
We got into her car and immediately began talking about anything and everything. "OMG! Sophia wait until you hear this cd I found!" Isabelle said hyperly. She slid in a cd and familiar songs began to play with very familiar voices singing. "No!" I said freaking out. "ONE DIRECTION!!!" We screamed together and began to sing along. "Sophia they really have talent! Listen to Harry sing" she said sounding like she was about to faint. Louis voice came in and I got quiet "soph he totally isn't even worth you tears" Bella said to me reassuringly. I nodded and then sat quietly through nialls solo in little things admiring his voice and dying inside. When we arrived at the mall we both got out and walked together to almost every store. "Soph this would look ah-may-zinggggg on you!" Bella sang holding up a pink dress, I laughed "well this would look perfect on you!" I told her with a smile. She grabbed it an handed me the dress she picked out for me and we rushed to the dressing rooms. "So Sophia" bell said getting my attention. "Eleanor totally stole louis from you and that just terrible!" She spilled out. "Oh I know right! Like what? And he totally fell for it. What a jerk. " I said rolling my eyes. "Oh yeah how could that whore" a voice that didnt belong to Bella added. Everything got quiet and Bella and I came out In our regular clothes to find Eleanor with a serious face tapping her foot. "Well speaking of the devil." Bella replied seriously. "Look her hoe." Eleanor was in my face now , "louis could have been with whoever he wanted and he picked me! Ok face it, I'm better than you!" She said getting closer and closer to my face. "Oh and now your with another one of his friends. Wow! But no you couldn't be called a whore, oh no never Sophia drew. Oh no!" she began yelling close to the end of her statement now an inch from my trembling body. "Or maybe louis picked you because he knew how much better Sophia could do and thought the best you could do was him you piece of garbage!" Bella yelled into Eleanor's face them slapped her. Eleanor grabbed Isabella's hair and threw her to the ground so I punched Eleanor on the nose as hard as possible. Eleanor began to cry as I helped Bella up. Bella kicked Eleanor hard and we walked away not looking back once. "I think I broke her nose.." I said, I felt really bad. Bell began to laugh and gave me a high five. "You go girl!" She was still laughing. After that we shopped for a bit later then drove back to my flat that I shared with the boys.
When we walked in there was popcorn on the coffee table and fifty first dates on. One of nialls and one of Harry's shirts were laying on the couch and a note sat beside them "girls, louis confronted us about your cat fight today, to congratulate you two on kicking some ass we have planned the perfect night for both of you, just get comfortable ;)we will be home soon. love, Liam, niall, zayn, and Harry .xx" we smiled at each other and changed into the shirts on the couch. I put my hair into a messy bun and we sat on the couch together eating popcorn and laughing at the movie. About 40 minutes later the boys came home carrying a bag of something from the store. "Hey baby!" Bella shouted to Harry and he blew her a kiss. Liam and zayn announced they had to go talk with louis and soon left. Niall and Harry came and cuddled with us on the couch for a while until the movie ended. When it did niall got up and Harry began to hum softly to a beautiful sounding song. Bella watched confused and I did the same. "Sophia, your so perfect. I know it might be too soon but I just need this, us. Please go out with me princess?" Niall was holding my hands and looking deep into my eyes. I screamed and hugged him so tight I was sure he would suffocate "yes niall of course!" I said with small tears in my eyes. Bella freaked out and hugged me as we both screamed together. Niall and Harry smiled like idiots and high fived each other wildly. After everyone calmed down we all watched love actually together and bell and I told about our story at the mall showing them everything we bought and laughing at all the jokes we had made together. I had a feeling this could be the start of something so perfect, so real. Something that could be the rest of my life.
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