My Superman

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2014
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Sophia is a senior in high school, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from one direction and is best friends with the rest of the boys. One night Liam, Niall, and Harry take her out to a club while Zayn and Louis plan a very special surprise for her but things go wrong. What will happen? How will this effect the rest of the story? And who will Sophia choose?


20. A letter to whom I love

A few months have past. At first everything with niall was wonderful and complete but he started to drift away. He received threatening texts from people he claimed not to know. The told him to die and to break up with me. "Don't listen to them baby" I told him over and over again all the time but they were getting to him. Niall walked into the room and sat down by me with a sigh. "What's wrong?" I asked him worriedly. He puckered his bottom lip as it began to quiver and his eyes got sad forming tears in his beautiful eyes. "I can't to do it anymore!" He cried to me looking at me with a horrified face. "They don't want me with you! And I have already changed my number once! They keep finding me Sophia and I can't take it" he sobbed. He was now hard to understand but I held him close. "Niall shhh baby please don't cry! It breaks my heart" I whispered rocking him with me. "I have to leave Sophia. I have to go and act like you never existed. I wanted to say by and that-" I cut home off "NO! Niall please!" I was shrieking now with tears pouring from my eyes. "Goodbye Sophia I love you" he mumbled through tears then pulled me against him fast kissing me gently but quickly then pulled himself away with hesitation. "Bye Sophia.." He said again before racing to the door with tears. "NOOOOO!" I cried and laid on the couch bawling "NIALL, NIALL PLEASE COME BACK" I yelled and screamed for niall but he never came. "NIALL" I shouted. "NOO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" I couldn't stop crying and my heart began to hurt terribly. I cried and cried until I finally fell asleep, but even then I had dreams of him and tears coming from my eyes.
When Harry, Bella, zayn, and I walked into the flat Sophia was sleeping alone on the couch. Tears were falling from her cheeks onto a soaked patch they had made. "Niall?" I waited for an answer but no reply came. Bella ran to Sophia and woke her up "SOPHIA BABY WHAT HAPPENED?!" She asked wrapping her in her arms I sat beside them and held Sophia's hands. Harry and zayn followed holding onto her as well. "He left" Sophia began through tears. "He's never coming back! He hates me!" She cried falling deeper into bells arms. "Sophia come here" I demanded sweetly pulling her up and holding her. "It's ok I promise" I chocked out trying not to cry with her. She rubbed her red eyes and cried more. That night she wanted to sleep downstairs alone and so we all went up to bed hugging her and telling her how much we loved her then left her by herself.
In the middle of the night I got thirsty so went downstairs. I felt my way over to the fridge and got some water. When I began to stumble back to my room I heard sniffling. "Sophia" I asked. "Yes?" I heard her sweet little trembling voice reply. "Are you ok babe?" I asked moving towards her slowly. "Yeah" she lied through small tears. "Don't lie." I told her picking her up and laying on the couch with her. "Would it be better if you slept with me for the night?" I questioned awkwardly waiting for a rejection. "Yes" she replied quickly. I sighed in relief because if she would have said no it would have been really awkward considering I already had her pushed up against me on the couch. I put my arms around her and fell asleep in a hurry.
When I woke up I hopped down the steps to make breakfast for everyone when I saw Sophia and zayn cuddled up on the couch. I smirked and took a picture of them together and tweeted it. "What a good friend zayn is for a girl with a broken heart" once I tagged zayn and Sophia and continued onto making breakfast.
Eventually when everyone woke up we gathered around the table as I passed out the food. Sophia sat with her knees to her face in her chair and kept quiet. Usually in the mornings niall would try to out eat her or would make her breakfast. I could tell she was lonely, but I didn't want to call louis over just yet. She needed time to heal, even I knew that. "Why don't you eat something" I asked her hesitantly. "I'm not hungry." She said getting up and going off into her room.
I wanted to escape life so bad. Niall was all I needed but he was gone and wouldn't come back for me, not in a million years. I searched around my room for something sharp but had no luck. Suddenly the idea of hanging myself popped into my mind. I dug for a belt and laid It out on the dresser pulling out a pen and paper
"Dear boys and Bella,
You are the most amazing friends and I truly love you guys. But niall is what I need and now he's gone so I feel like I should also. I hope you have a good life with me gone. I love you zayn, I love you louis, I love you Harry, i love you liam, I love you Isabella, and I love you niall.
Sophia. "
After I finished my note I tied a loop in the belt and then tied it on the door knob. And with that I put my head into it and dropped off my knees letting my vision go dark.
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