A Stroll the forest

Emma a 19 year old girl ran away from home when one direction were touring new york.What is going to happen next?


1. The Run

"I hate you dad"Emma yelled as she stomped upstairs."I'm running away with lilly"she countinued as she packed her one backpack.That night at 2:00 AM Emma and Lilly snuck out.Emma was freezing because it was 42 degrease .She found leaves and moss and sticks to make a blanket to last her untill somone found her.The next morning Emma was starving so she got some more sticks and more moss to make a bow-and-arrow.Emma and lilly happily eat deer for breakfeast.They lived like that for a year.going to school every day.Trying to survive  the winter.All the trouble of living without parents.EVERYTHING

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