Never Forgotten [Sequel to: The Only One]

I'm alright, but the boys have left once again. Will they remember us? Will Harry remember me? Note: Don't read if you haven't read the prequel, 'The Only One.'


11. Voices

Cayden's POV

The girls and I resorted to the haunted dwelling a few blocks from our house. No one will expect us to be here. This house hasn't been touched in years, what would change that now? To be honest though, I was always scared of this house. Ally, Julie and I would walk by it everyday after school. It creeped the hell out of us. Now, being in the house, I was beyond frightened. The floors the creaked with every step and the windows shook behind the boards. I felt as if i'm taking part in some Paranormal Activity movie.


Julie's POV

I can see Cayden shaking in his own fear. Cayden was beyond terrified of the dark, I was terrified too. I had brought flashlights just in case though. This house had no source of lighting, the whole house, all three floors were pitch black. Cobwebs hung from every corner of every room. Ally has a slight fear of spiders, I just don't feel comfortable sleeping around them and Cayden was just overall done with sleeping in this house.

"Juuuulieee..." Ally said as her voice quivered. "Yes?" I said. "L-look.." I glanced towards where her light shinned. "O-oh my g-god.." Cayden stuttered. "Can w-we leave n-now guys?" He continued. "No Cayden, we have to spend at least one night before wandering back into the streets." I said. "Ehh.. okay." He replied.


Cayden's POV

I froze at the sight of what seemed like dried blood dripped from the hallway railing to the continuing wall. The stain was rather old for it had a deep burgundy look to it. I was terrified. The dark, spiders and now blood. I'm starting to hate this more and more every second. "Cayden...." "Ally, Julie, did you hear that?" I said. "Heard what?" Ally looked at me frighted. Oh, this is nice, I'm hearing voices.

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