Never Forgotten [Sequel to: The Only One]

I'm alright, but the boys have left once again. Will they remember us? Will Harry remember me? Note: Don't read if you haven't read the prequel, 'The Only One.'


13. Three Rooms

Cayden's POV

I explored literally everything with my flashlight as we walked down the hall. After what Julie just did, I'm at the peak of paranoid. Ally and Julie seem to not be making a big deal out of things. Ugh, it's one night. Just one night. Grow up Cayden.


Julie's POV

As we crept through the halls I couldn't help but stop at each door we came across. The first door I saw was Olivia's. She had stickers in pink that spelled out her name outside of the door. Well, by now, the letters were nearly gray and half peeled off but it was still her room. Cayden looked like Inspector Gadget going crazy at every crack in the wall. Ally was actually really quiet which was unlike her...
"Ally!" I screamed. "WHAT?!?!?!?" "Just making sure you're alive bro. You've been awfully quiet lately. What's wrong?" I said.


"I have no fucking idea what's going on.." Ally said. I could tell she was getting tired because she could careless about what's happening around her. Cayden on the other hand was just completely paranoid. It was funny a bit. To see someone more scared than I have ever been was just amusing.


We continued walking and Cayden squealed multiple times. We came across a second door. There wasn't anything on it. It was white.. erm.. gray. I was so tempted to open the door and explore but Ally and Cayden insisted we continue on before checking anything out. We passed by a very.. disgusting bathroom... That was one part of the house other than the basement I didn't want to explore.


We came across a third and final door. This was the room of the little boy. It didn't have stickers in blue, or anything like that. It simply said John in bold black letters above the door. I begged Ally and Cayden to go in. They agreed since it was the last room on the floor. I scrambled with the door knob and the door slid open. Cayden and Ally were hesitant but they followed closed behind. We stood in the middle of the room. The door screeched closed. "Time to stay. Forever." Olivia said.

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