Never Forgotten [Sequel to: The Only One]

I'm alright, but the boys have left once again. Will they remember us? Will Harry remember me? Note: Don't read if you haven't read the prequel, 'The Only One.'


24. The Next Book (NOT A CHAPTER)

Hey everyone! Alii here! So let's just say that, THE NEXT BOOK IN OUR SERIES IS READY FOR READING!! It's called 'Secret Dreamers' and I hope you little potatoes like it just as much as the first two. Julie and I enjoy writing for you little lovelies and we love seeing everything you say. We just wanted to put our brains of writing to the test! We started this writing journey and see that over 2000 of you have decided to join us! Well, we hope that you'll be here until this series ends. And that could take a long while. So enjoy reading little ones! Byee!

~ItsMeeAliix3 <3

(Maybe I'll just sign as Mrs. Horan from now on. Lol jk. I know a lot of you love Nialler :33)


Seriously tho guys, we started our little journey just under a month ago. I remember when we got our first favorite, or our like 500th view. Then we slowly made it to 1000 and now I'm ready to cry. I never thought so many people would read this. We're like beyond 2000 and I can't thank you guys any more than this. I love you all. Even though you were here for Alii at first. I'm glad that I had an opportunity to be a part of it. So, I love you potatoes and please enjoy reading the rest of what we have to offer. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys!


(Mrs.Payne - <3 )

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