Never Forgotten [Sequel to: The Only One]

I'm alright, but the boys have left once again. Will they remember us? Will Harry remember me? Note: Don't read if you haven't read the prequel, 'The Only One.'


12. Olivia?

(Note; I wanted to make this chapter a little erm... creepy. Just to get in the Halloween spirit!)

Cayden's POV

I swore I heard a little girls voice call my name. Julie and Ally don't sound like that. "Cayyydennn" "HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!" I screamed. "Yo! Lower your voice, you'll wake the neighbors.." Julie hissed. "BUT A GIRL IS SAYING MY NAME. I SWEAR TO GOD. I HATE IT HERE. I WANNA LEAVE!" Ugh. I hate it here. The last thing I want is ghosts calling my fucking name.


Julie's POV

I hear something calling for Cayden.. I swear it wasn't me nor Ally. I'm starting to second think sleeping here. "Hey, lets check upstairs for the beds." We all creep upstairs as quiet as possible. Cayden followed close behind me since he was frightened. I heard giggling in the distance but it was too far to be Ally or Cayden. All of a sudden, "Allllyyyy" I heard a faint voice squeal. I couldn't make out if it was a boy or girl. I've read the stories about this house before. I decided it was time to try a little something. "Guys... be quiet.." I whispered. Ally and Cayden haulted. Let's see if the paranormal existed.

"Olivia..." I started. "Julie, what are you doing?" Ally asked. "Just shh."

"Olivia, if you're hear me, say hello... we won't hurt you." "Hello..." "Holy crap!" "Shhh Ally!" Cayden interrupted. "Olivia, please, we're just passing through for the night. I hope we aren't a bother.." "It's okayyyy"

We continued toward the rooms. "Julie, what the fuck was that?" Ally whispered. "Something I wanted to try for many years of watching ghost/paranormal shows.." I replied. "B-but how did you know her name?" Cayden's glare was like a young boy who didn't get a G.I. Joe for christmas, ready to just cry. "I've lived here since forever. I have to do research at some point. This isn't the only house with ghosts." I said. "What do you mean?" Ally's interest grew a bit.

"Okay so you see, my house has ghosts in it. Children ghosts similar to here.. Before we repainted the outside of my house, there was a handprint outside of my window. Where I sleep, is the same room of the little girl. Very similar to here, I've heard faint giggling as I wandered through the halls. My sister and I had actually tried to bring up a conversation with the voice but it never lasted too long. So, in 5th grade or so, I decided to do a bit of research. I found out that my house along with a few others including this one were once crime scenes. This house had a young girl and boy that shared a room. According to the article, her name was Olivia. She was buried alive with her brother and their souls remain in the household ever since. That's how I know her name. That's how I knew how to contact her"

"So, you're like a ghost whisperer or something?" Cayden questioned. "Well, I guess you can say something like that.."

"Wait" Ally started. "But the article said there was a boy as well.." "Yeah, his name was Jake or something like that.. but we haven't come across him yet so don't stress it. Maybe Olivia will take care of a few things before we settle down for the night."

"Olivia.. please, just don't hurt me." Cayden whispered under his breath.

"Don't be silly..." I began. "She's just a young girl by the name of Olivia."  

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