Never Forgotten [Sequel to: The Only One]

I'm alright, but the boys have left once again. Will they remember us? Will Harry remember me? Note: Don't read if you haven't read the prequel, 'The Only One.'


6. It's All Too Fast

Julie's POV

Everything is just running by too damn fast. "Hey hoe, I bet you tasted Liam's Paynis." "What's up whore?" How did people find out about any of this.. WHY ARE THEY BASHING ON ME? "It okay, Liam left you because your fatass was such a Payne." That's it. I ran out the classroom, where do I go? Home? Park? First, find Ally.


Cayden's POV

"Sup, fag." "Hey fruit cake! I think you lost your Style!!" I fucking hate school. Whatever.. just ignore the nasty comments. "Hey, GAYDEN what's up fagtart! I heard you like the big D bro! Muahhhh." Are you fucking kidding me? Period 1 was over and now for the walk in the hallways.. Jocks every where pushed and shoved me. Girls screamed at me in fury for something I never done. "THANKS TO YOUR GAY ASS HARRY AND LOUIS AREN'T TOGETHER ANYMORE HOP OFF HIS FUCKING DICK." Thanks everyone... Harry is one of 3 people that's kept me alive for the past few years... Now, I just feel like dying.


Julie's POV

"CAY!!!!" I screamed. I grabbed a hold of my bestfriend's hand. "Hey Julie, didn't your mom tell you that you're to old to play with Barbie Dolls." Scott Bruckner, the quarterback of the football team chuckled. "Fuck you, Scott. I thought they taught you how to bend over and suck your own dick when you took ballet for 3 years." I replied. "I TOLD YOU TO KEEP THAT A FUCKING SECRET!!" "Well, fuck with my friends and your cover gets blown. Bye asshole!" I dragged Cayden toward the girls bathroom. "I can't go in's a girls bathroom." he glanced towards the floor. "For god's sake Cay, just come on." I kicked the door open and pulled him inside. "Look, it's the Fagtastic Losers." Some white girls snarled as they got there lip glosses out. "Well, what do you know, I think your make-up artist is a little fucked up." I glanced at Cay as we both went up to the girls and dragged their hand across their faces. "I've had enough of you bitches!" I screamed as they ran out the bathroom whining. "ALLY! ALLY! I KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE!" Cay screamed. We heard sniffling as we pushed the door to the third stall open. There lied Ally on the floor, knees to her chest drowned in tears. "We're getting out of here.." Cay said. "Let's go.." I continued. "But it's only second period.." Ally murmured. "We don't give two shit's Ally, we're leaving!" Cay and I helped Ally up and we ran out of school. We didn't care if we got detention, expelled or whatever. 

This is happening too fast. Our lives are collapsing in front of us too quick..

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