Never Forgotten [Sequel to: The Only One]

I'm alright, but the boys have left once again. Will they remember us? Will Harry remember me? Note: Don't read if you haven't read the prequel, 'The Only One.'


20. Don't Wake Me Up

Niall's POV

For some reason, Zayn and My room is back to back with Louis and Harry's. We heard them singing over our lousy game of Go-Fish. "We could've had it allllllllllllll, rolling in the deeeeeeep" I heard through the walls. Man, I wish we were over there. "Who was that?" Ally asked. Either Louis, Harry or Cayden. "Shhhhhh" She said. We listened closer as new song began. "We haven't met, and that's okay." ... oh you have got to be kidding me. "Let's go over!!" Zayn screamed. We dashed out the room and ran through the halls.


Cayden's POV

Sing-Off had to be the best thing to do at this time. I mean, I felt bad because I was singing along with professionals. BUT I'm having so much fun. Harry's voice is amazing as always and I can never keep a straight face when I'm around him. Oh man, Louis chose Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana. We all sang that song like PROS! After the song finished, we were left with the sound of our door being pounded. I ran to go check it and in fell Niall followed by Zayn and Ally just stood there smiling at me. Harry and Louis screamed "ZENNNNNNNNN- NIALLERRRRRR-" Ally ran up to me and hugged the life out of me. It was 7:20am and this party has just started. Ally picked up her phone to text Julie.


Julie's POV

Julie, we're having a little party in room 169. Come and bring the boys!!

I heard my phone vibrate on top of the drawer beside Andy's bed. The boys and I were having a little Nerf Gun Fight and of course, I was winning. "STOPPPPP!" I screamed. I never leave my phone unchecked. I ran over and jumped on Andy's bed. I grabbed my phone and began to reply...

Yeah we'll be there in abou

I was cut off mid-sentence to being tackled from both directions. Andy slammed from the left and Liam from the right. "DAMMIT GUYS!" My phone dropped onto the floor. I began to reach for it. Andy and Liam tugged me back. "No, you don't deserve your phone! We aren't using ours, you shouldn't use yours!" "But Ally was telling me--" I was cut off yet again but this time by Andy's hands scrambling around my ribs as he sat on my feet holding me down. Liam held me back, arms locked behind myself. I started dying of laughter. Liam and Andy were laughing endlessly at what was happening. I started crying from laughter. Just then I heard my phone vibrate again. I couldn't see what it said. Or who it was. I was being tickled half to death. "STAHPP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Andy finally retreated and fell into my lap laughing. Liam had let go of my arms as I fell back onto his chest. Oh man. That was cruel. "You guys are evil" I said still chuckling a bit as an after affect.

I grabbed my phone from the floor and looked at the time 7:45am. 15 minutes until the final decision... "Oh my gosh guys, I'm so sorry for keeping you up all night. You're suppose to get some sleep." I said worried that I might get the boys in trouble. "It's alright love, we'll sleep during the flight!" Andy and Liam insisted. Just then, I thought of the others. "Boys. Me.. you.. 169 now!" We got up and the elevators took too long so we decided to walk up the stairs.

We reached the 4th floor and ran out of the staircase. I checked the time. 7:55am. "Guys! We have five minutes!" We sprinted to Louis and Harry's room and pounded on the door. The door swung open and we were dragged into the room. Once there, everyone had shh'd us as they pointed to the clock. 7:58am. I grabbed Ally and Ally grabbed Cayden. We stood there holding each other desperately. The boys grabbed each other one starting with Andy. Josh ran in out of no where. Completely worried because he said he heard everything last night. We stared at the clock yet again. 8am. Everyone was awake. Everyone was worried. Now, we wait.

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