Never Forgotten [Sequel to: The Only One]

I'm alright, but the boys have left once again. Will they remember us? Will Harry remember me? Note: Don't read if you haven't read the prequel, 'The Only One.'


5. Back to School

Cayden's POV

Monday came by once again. If the boys were still here, they'd take us. I miss my Harold so much. Ally came out of her room and looked terrible. She was dressed like she normally would, but her hair was sticking up in all directions. I pushed her hair out of her face and saw that she fucked up the small amount of make-up she wears. It's so small that I didn't even know she wore it. She looks the same with or without. The difference was that her lip gloss was all over the place. I don't even want to know what she did with her mascara wand... (Note: I don't really wear make-up to school. I only wear it outside of school. But it's legit little and unnoticeable.)


Julie came out of the bathroom. She was in sweats and her hair was in a messy bun. Both of them were total wrecks. "Guys, I know the boys are gone, but c'mon, we have to face school!" I said. I sent Julie back to Ally's room to change. While we waited for her, I helped Ally do her hair and makeup. Ally looked fine, but I don't know about Julie. I walked into Ally's room and saw she looked fine. I pulled both of them up and dragged them on the train. They didn't say any words at all. They just had 'Little Things' on replay on their iPhones. I wanted to help them.


When we got to school, everyone stopped moving and looked at Ally. "Hey look! It's Horan's Whore!" Someone yelled. "And look! Someone's suffering from Liam's Pain!" Another person yelled. Julie just walked straight to class. Ally ran to the bathroom. Why can't I help them?


Julie's POV

I still don't think that the boys meant to do what they did. I still can't believe they left though. Whoever said I suffered Liam's pain is right. I miss him. He made me feel a way that I never felt before. Liam James Payne, why did you leave me? I spent all of Spanish looking through the pictures that we all took together. We had done a lot. We looked like we knew each other since child birth. There's no way that they could've thrown something this strong away just like that. We were so close. What could we have done wrong?


Ally's POV

I ran straight to the bathroom. Am I really a whore? I didn't even do anything. I sat in a stall and pulled my knees up. For the first time in my life since 5th grade, I cried in a way that I just felt the urge to die. I met my favorite singers and they soon slipped right through my fingers. I heard the door open. Someone opened my stall. "What's wrong hoe?" Someone said. I sat there and cried. I didn't know what to do. No one loved me half as much as Niall did. I miss him. How could they have left? I thought we were all friends. I guess I'm wrong. The best days of my life went by too quickly.

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