Everybody Has a Dream

We all know everybody has a dream. A life dream. Phoebes Sanderson's dream was a record deal, a chance to become famous, to be recognised and to be successful. So when the time comes around for the new X factor she tries out, but doesn't make it through. But when when X Factor judge, Tulisa, phones and tell Phoebe that she has been brought back to the live shows, how far will she get, how far will she push herself, and will she be able to stay on track while head-over-heels for another contestant.


1. Getting the Call

Phoebe Sanderson

I took a last sip of my tea and it placed it onto a mat that lay on my bedside table. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair; if only, I thought. Not 2 days ago, did I audition for the X Factor, unfortunately not making it past judges houses. Ah well no point of moping around.

I swung my legs over the side of my bed, stood up on them and trodded to the bathroom. I did my business and turned the knob to the right on my shower. Once stripped, I stepped into the shower; letting the warm water trickle down my body. I picked up the shampoo and uncapped it, placing some in my hand and lathering it in my hair.

Once I had got out the shower and dried myself, I picked some clothes out of my wardrobe and lay them out in my bed. I unwrapped my towel and slid my underwear and bra on. Turning around I stepped into some light blue denim jeans, slid a white tank top over my head and a grey jumper that had 'New York' written on it. I brushed out my black hair to its normally wavy self; adding minimal make-up to my face. I looked at myself in the mirror, pleased with the result; walking over my bedroom door, I slid my ugg boots on.

I bounced down the steps making a little thudding; smelling bacon coming from the kitchen I walked into it. My mum was standing in front of the cooker, humming away to whatever song was on the radio, my dad deeply in concentration looking at the newspaper. My mum turned around and smiled at me. "Hi flower, how you feeling today?" She asked; picking up the bacon with the tongs and putting them down on the plate.

"A little better," I slightly smiled taking a seat at the table. My dad placed his newspaper down on the table and squeezed my hand gently. "Don't worry sweetheart, it's not the end of the world; go back try out next year," my dad explained soothingly. "Could I really wait that long?" I muttered fiddling with my fingers.

My mom placed the plate of food down on the table in front of me; she rubbed my back and walked off. I stabbed at the bacon and swirled my fork in my beans, not in the mood for eating. Just then, the phone in the hall way starting ringing. "I'll get that," my dad said standing up. I continued on playing with my food, sighing. "Phoebs (pronounced f-ee-bs) it's for you," my dad shouted through the hallway.

I pushed my chair back, causing it to screech and me to flinch a bit. I walked into the passage way and grabbed the phone out of my day's hands, connecting it with my ear. "Hello?" I said down the phone.

"Hello you must Phoebe, I'm Tulisa, X Factor judge," Tulisa explained from the other side of the phone.

"Hello Tulisa.....this is....Phoebe," I stuttered, shaking inside.

"You may wonder why I've phoned. I've got great news to tell you, you are going through to live shows. I remember watching your audition through to Judge's houses and realised what an opportunity you are missing out on and I remember that sweet, delicate voice that could turn heads if you became famous. So would you like to join the live shows?" Tulisa asked.

I stopped, my hand over my mouth. I felt like my heart could jump out my throat at any second.

"Yes, thank you so much, thank you, thank you, I won't let you down," I grinned.

"I know you won't sweetheart," Tulisa said her goodbyes.

O.M.G. I'm going through to live shows! I squealed and starting jumping in circles. My mum and dad came out of the kitchen to see what all of the commotion was.

"I'm going through to live shows!" I yelled hugging both my parents.

I can't believe it, me of all people, have been asked to go to live shows, after getting judged off!
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