The Kiss Of Blood

Its about my life so far. sadness,love,hate,death? but in this case its not real its got a twist a evil blood sucking twist!


5. the hater

more about amelia?ok well you wouldnt believe this but we were bestfriends till i became Emo. She just started being scared of me and treating me diffrent. Then we were walking to gether and she started being horrible to my friends (the emo ones) saying stupid non true stuff about them. then we started  arguing and she said to me " you deserve to be bullyed,go slit you wrists!" Thats it i ran away and no one saw me for a while. I ran into the forrist with  knife with tears runing down my eyes. i hide where i almost had m first kiss.. with liam. yh i moved on from kurt. but we didnt kiss. i havent had my first kiss yet STILL. well i sat there with the knife in my hand  stuck my wrist out. And i put it down onto my wrists. then i heard screaming turned around and it was liam and everyone running towards me. i got up and as about to run but then liam grabed me and took the knife away from me.

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