The Kiss Of Blood

Its about my life so far. sadness,love,hate,death? but in this case its not real its got a twist a evil blood sucking twist!


1. In the begining

I suppose you think this is going to be some sort of boring story about someones boring life? well your wrong! Its  partly about my life but with a twist. Read on to find out love,hate,friendship,near death and more.....


So my life begins i mean ends when im walking through a ally and i hear something it sounds like its following me. i start running a little to find someone at one end of the ally and someone else the other end. i look down and stand there while they walk towards me. They flash something at me that looked like sharpe pointed teeth.I look back yep that man has the same. They look at each other and nod. the next thing i know i feel the blood rushing out of me i see a man by my neck and a man grabing onto me. And all i thought was "this is the end!" well is it?


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