The Kiss Of Blood

Its about my life so far. sadness,love,hate,death? but in this case its not real its got a twist a evil blood sucking twist!


6. death

"why did u take the knife just leave me to die."

"brit no! ok? dont just dont. think bout us?"


liam looked at the knife.

"brit can i tust u with this flipping knife?"


liam passes brit the knife, she runs, liam drops to the ground. everyone runs after brit. and leaves liam. brit is sat high up in the tree. cuting all up her arms. but she didnt slit her wrists..... not yet anyways. liam is sat there in tears. he want tor help brit. but he doesnt know how... he hers screaming and its georgia kurt jordan and everyone else draging brit. britwas puting up a fight though. they put brit down infront off liam and show him her arms. then they walk off and leave brit and liam alone.

"brit, why are your trying to kill yourself?"

"liam, u heard what amelia said to me."

"brit i know but come on, we all love your, dont just die because of her."

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