The Kiss Of Blood

Its about my life so far. sadness,love,hate,death? but in this case its not real its got a twist a evil blood sucking twist!


3. 1 year after being vampire

So im walking to school and see a bunch of people which well everyone is looking at like oh my god ugly and what people always do! so i walk over to them and im like "hi" and they must know im emo or something. so now were all bestfriends and its great  feel like im human normal but im not. but they dont need to know that. So we carry on with our lives and i start to fall in love i try not to as i know they wont like me but i still do. i fall in love with kurt. yes kurt!I wont tell anyone i dont want to. i know it wont work or happen.



So were together just us to and i ask him for advise about, that  i love someone and if i should tell them. And he said yes. so thats what i did i told him.... and well all he said was. "you can get better"


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