Gotta Be You

Alex Kelly is not a normal girl. A year ago, something horrible happened to her sister. To get away from it all, she moves to London, and is attending college. But once there, she meets someone. She wants to love him, but after what after happened to her sister, can she?


3. The Kiss

Niall’s POV

As Alex and Zayn get into the car, I quickly lock the doors and drive off. “Anyone hungry?” I say as I pull into Nandos, “cause I’m starving!” Alex gives a giggle. “Niall, you are always hungry,” Harry says with his hands on his hips. “Um, could you guys shut up for a minute, I’m ordering!” I order, and soon, we all have our faces stuffed. I pull up to Zayn’s flat and stop the car. “Ok, everyone whose name starts with the first or last letter of the alphabet get out!” Zayn gets out, having to crawl over Louis in the process, who gets a foot in the face. “ow, watch where you put that thing!” he yells. As this happens, I glance in the mirror, and see Alex just sitting there, looking confused. “Doesn’t your name start with an A, or can I just not spell?” I say, looking at Alex. “Excuse me, but I think yes is the answer to both of those questions,” Zayn says as helps Alex out of the car. “Well I wasn’t asking you now was I?” “If I may interrupt, I agree,” Alex says, looking at Zayn, smiling. Zayn has a triumphant look on his face. “Ok, Niall’s a horrible speller, now can we go?” Liam says, looking at me. “Fine lets go!” I say and pull away.


Alex’s POV

I can’t believe it. I just got out of a car that had One Direction in it. Krissy is not going to believe this! I look over at Zayn. “So, are you going to invite me in or are we just going to stand here?” I ask. “I don’t know, I’m perfectly happy watching you.” I laugh, “Ok, but I’m not. Let’s go inside.” We walk up the long drive, and he slips his hand into mine, and i start to pull away, but

I stop. His hand feels nice against mine. We walk into his flat, and I can’t believe my eyes. It’s huge! I look through the windows, and see a pool in back. “You have a pool?!” I ask. I mean, I know he can’t swim, but why did he have a pool then? “It’s more for show,” He says, answering my question. “Well, could I go swimming?” I ask, quietly. Maybe I could even teach him! “Sure,” he says, “I could use some tanning time.” “Well, have ever thought about learning how to swim?” I ask in a barely audible whisper. “Well, now I have, as long as your teaching.” Zayn says, leaning closer. “Well, I feal very honored,” I whisper. And then, he kisses me. I kiss him back, not caring that we barely know each other. Then, he turns, running out the door and into the shallow part of the pool. I laugh and follow. That kiss didn’t last nearly as long as I wanted.

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