Gotta Be You

Alex Kelly is not a normal girl. A year ago, something horrible happened to her sister. To get away from it all, she moves to London, and is attending college. But once there, she meets someone. She wants to love him, but after what after happened to her sister, can she?


2. Pulling Away

Alex's POV
After the final bell rings, I turn around in my seat to grab my stuff, and see Zayn staring at me. I blush and quickly look down. He come up the isle, pretending I didn't see him. "You need any help with your bag?" He says as he picks it up. "I guess now that you have it, okay," I give a little giggle. "We always meet up at the back of the school, so we don't like, get mobbed by fans or something," he says, and I giggled again. This is a private school, blocked off to everyone but students. So, Zayn and walk down the halls, everyone staring, cause they know who he is, and maybe a little obsessed, when he sneaks his hand into mine. It was warm, and felt right there. So I didn't pull away. Someone then took a picture, and Zayn mumbled something.
Zayn's POV
"Shit," I mumbled as the flash hits my eyes. I quickly pull my hand away, regretting it instantly. I turn to look at her, and she looks hurt. I would go and hug her, but I don't want more pictures. My last girlfriend, Perrie, left me, just for that reason. People started stalking her, threatening her, and finally, she had enough. One day she was there, the next she was gone. This wasn't happening again. But since Alex looked so hurt, I whispered in her ear," When we are alone." Her face cheers up a little. I quickly lead her down the hall, out the door, and into Niall's car. We squeeze into the back, with her on my lap. I don't think she minded. I then take both of her hands, and started thinking about what I was going to tell her when we got back to the flat.
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