Gotta Be You

Alex Kelly is not a normal girl. A year ago, something horrible happened to her sister. To get away from it all, she moves to London, and is attending college. But once there, she meets someone. She wants to love him, but after what after happened to her sister, can she?


1. New School, new people, new boys

BEEP BEEP BEEP! I throw my hand onto my alarm clock, shutting it off. My first day of school. I look out the window, and its raining, of course. I push myself in a sitting position and sigh. I jump out of bed and turn to my tiny closet. I pick out a striped blue shirt, with skinny jeans. Acceptable enough for school. As I always do, I look at my picture of me and my sister, hand in hand. That was before the accident. But it doesn't matter now, it's a new school, and no one knows. I look at myself in the mirror and put on a smile. It looked like a grimace. Oh well. I grab an umbrella and walk out the door. Its a ten minute walk to the school, in the rain. About five minutes away, a silver car drives past, with five boys in it. They all have their hoods up, covering their faces. I wonder who that could be. The car slows down, and finally stops. The window comes down. An Irish accent reaches my ear, "You need a ride babe?" A hear giggling in the back. I don't know what to say,"Um, I think I'll be okay." "Come on, it's raining!" Someone says in the back, with a really cute voice. None of them have still put their hoods down. This makes me hesitate. "I maybe will if you put your hoods down," I say, crossing my arms. "Okay okay, just hurry up, your getting soaked," the Irish accent says. "Fine, and thanks," I says as I open the passenger door, "Do you have enough room?" I ask. All the seats were taken. "Oh," he says, "Harry, move to the back and sit on someone's lap or something." "But what if I don't want to," the guy, who must be Harry says, while pushing a brown curl out of his eyes, " what if I want her to sit on my lap?" "Only if she wants to," he says, looking at me. I blush a deep red. "Um, no thank you," I manage to get out. "Okay Harry, you heard her, get in the back." I start to recognize the voices. As I sit down I ask, "What are your names again?" They all look at each other. "I'm Harry!" "I'm Niall!" "I'm Liam!" "I'm Louis" "I'm Zayn! And we're One Direction!"
Zayn's POV
Now, as I see her more closely, I am so glad I told Niall to pull over. She long curly brown hair, that when she walks. Her eyes are a bright blue, with brown rings around the pupil. She's beautiful, not hot, beautiful. She turns around in her seat to look at us. "Now I recognize you guys! My friend loves you," She glances at Niall as she says this. "So you go to Musical Arts right?" Niall says as he turns in the parking lot. "Yeah, I'm new," she says, looking down at her lap. "Here's my schedule." She says as she hands back the slip of paper. "So your name is Alex?" Louis says as he reads her schedule. She blushes again, which is so damn cute. "Yes, I forgot to tell you." Louis passes the paper to me, and as I scan the classes, I see she has the same as me. Know is your chance I tell myself. "Hey! I have the same classes as you! I can show you around!" I say, give her a big smile. "Your....Zayn? Right?" She says, butting her bottom lip, which is adorable. "Yes that's me!" This is going great. I hope she feels the same way. As crawl to a stop, I jump out the door and open hers with a little flourish. She giggles a thank you and we walk to our first class.
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