Killed For You.

Amelia Flawson is 14, when she's pushed off a cliff to her death.
But something's a little strange about Amelia.
Her eyes are open, and her hearts still beating.
But the only thing she can do is talk to people her own species...

This story is totally made up, but I would like to dedicate this story to my BFF Zahrah, who has had a terrible past.
*God Bless you, Zahrah, and family.*


5. White Light.

I screamed though the bandana.

I tried to move my arms, but I was completely trapped.

I heard more rustling, and Lewis made his way though the bush.

"Amelia!" he screamed.

But it was to late.

Dean tied my arms, and ordered Sarah to hold him back.

Obviously, he'd taught her something, because she brought him to the ground in one go, tears spilling down her cheeks.

She whispered something to him, and he began to scream.

I was still confuesed, even though I was at the edge.

The wind blew my hair, and my dress, and I could feel the freshness of the sea-water. I knew, by the end of this, I would land on the rocks, and my body would be found by the coast-guard.

I began to cry too myself, tears falling down me.

"Bye, Amelia" Dean whispered.

He shoved me.

I fell through the air, trying to scream.

I thought of every happy memory that I could.

Fortuatly for me, the end came for me, before I could fully understand what was happening.

Before I knew it, everything around me was black.

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