Killed For You.

Amelia Flawson is 14, when she's pushed off a cliff to her death.
But something's a little strange about Amelia.
Her eyes are open, and her hearts still beating.
But the only thing she can do is talk to people her own species...

This story is totally made up, but I would like to dedicate this story to my BFF Zahrah, who has had a terrible past.
*God Bless you, Zahrah, and family.*


2. Party Time!

Sarah arrived at my house exactly on time, and she was definatly dressed to impress.

"Flipping heck, you looked freakin' gorgous!"

Sarah mock-gasped, holding her hand to her chest.

"So your saying I'm ugly, then?"

"Oh, you know what I mean, Sar".

She nodded, ad let her hand drop to her side.

"Correct, missus. Right, you ready?"

I nodded my average nod, and called a 'goodbye, and love you' to my mom.

We made our way down the street, and the short trek through the back-alley.

With a few more turns, and a short, windey path, we finally arrived at The Falls.

The Falls was a cliff edge, with many sharp edges leading all the way down into the sea. I was frightened to even be here, let alone be on it.

Sarah spotted our other mates, Lisa, Carrie and Bonnie.

Sure enough, Bonnie was wearing a bikini, along with half the other girls.

"Hey, wow, you two cleaned up real good!"

"Bonnie!" I joked, and slapped her on the arm.

Then we all laughed, and sat down on the bright green grass.

The sun was still high in the sky, and it was 7:30 already, and finally, everyone had arrived.

It was usually people like Dean who'd organise this sort of hang-out, and it was a hell of alot of fun, but sometimes a fight would break out, and somebody would get seriously hurt.

After a couple of hours, I suggested we leave, because the sun began to set.

"I'm good, me and Brett are perfecto!"

Bonnie was definatly staying.


"Soz, but I'm on holiday in a few days, you know that. I won't be back until next Monday".

She wasn't leaving.

"Carrie? Are you gonna go home?"

"I'm sorry, I gotta stick with Bonnie, she's giving me a lift".

Finally, I turned to Sarah.

"Sarah, last chance?"

"No. If Lisa's going on holiday, I won't get to see her until next Monday. And come on, relax, we have our phones, and Dean Chattwick's my boyfriend, he'll give us a lift, he even said".

I nodded, but I didn't trust Dean. He was usually the one causing all the fights,and he was the one who pulled away with no injuries. He'd even beaten girls in th past, but he kept that under lock and key. Sarah said that it was a totes big issue, but the only person she told was me.

I couldn't walk on my own though.

Mom had given me those direct instrustions.

"Okay, I guess we could stay a while longer".

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