Killed For You.

Amelia Flawson is 14, when she's pushed off a cliff to her death.
But something's a little strange about Amelia.
Her eyes are open, and her hearts still beating.
But the only thing she can do is talk to people her own species...

This story is totally made up, but I would like to dedicate this story to my BFF Zahrah, who has had a terrible past.
*God Bless you, Zahrah, and family.*


9. Lewis is the Key.

I sat on the edge of my window, a cool breeze wafting in. Lewis was placed somewhere behind me, I wasn't exactly sure where, but I could hear a small rustling noise, and the snap of scissors.

"You know what, Lewis?"

I heard the rustling stop, and the chair creaked instead. I knew he was listning.

"I want to know the truth. You seem to have all, well, most of the answers to my questions".

He was still silent, and I continued.

"You said it wasn't me who was meant to suffer, Sarah was. What exactly did you mean by that?"

I heard a slight shuffling noise, and when I looked up, he was right beside me, on the window ledge.

"Amelia, you shouldn't have trusted Sarah. Other wise... you could have still been alive".

I looked away, and out of the window.

Even though we were in Heaven, the night sky still setteled, and the stars were out in the purple sky.

"Sarah is a Demmestrian. Do you know what that is, Amelia?"

I shook my head, turning back to face him.

His eyes were burning into mine, but it such I way, I wanted to lean forward and give him a kiss.

God, I hope he can't mind read!

He gave me a smile.

"I can".

I could feel serious heat on my face, and I knew I had to look away again.

But it took real strength.

"A Demmestrian is a Hell-killer. She's basically an assassin from Hell".

He paused again.

I was still watching him, and he was still eyeing me. It was like we were having one big staring contest.

"She was meant to do this too you. Once an Demmestrian is a mate of a human, that is their pray. Dean was only a boyfriend of her because she could kill him in one, quick, motion".

I felt tears prick in my eyes, and after hearing that from my ex, I began to cry.

Lewis reached out a perfect hand, and wiped the tears from my eyes.

I bit my lip again.

His finger was black.

"God, Amelia, you need to cut back on the make-up. You don't even need it".

I smiled at him, tears still leaving my eyes.

I didn't even know why I was upset.

I had everything I ever wanted, and more.

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