Killed For You.

Amelia Flawson is 14, when she's pushed off a cliff to her death.
But something's a little strange about Amelia.
Her eyes are open, and her hearts still beating.
But the only thing she can do is talk to people her own species...

This story is totally made up, but I would like to dedicate this story to my BFF Zahrah, who has had a terrible past.
*God Bless you, Zahrah, and family.*


8. Heaven.

When my eyes finally opened, I was placed on a giant bed, in a room with nothing but white, old-fashioned furniature.

I gasped, as rose vines climbed down from the ceiling, followed by a figure.


He was grinning at me.

"Lewis, your dead too?"


He jumped to the bottom, where he bounced up, and landed beside me.

"The floors a trampoline?"

"Heck no, I just imagined it was".

I frowned, and rolled my eyes.

"Same ol' Lewis"

"Not really. This is new, dead Lewis".

I rolled my eyes again, and sat up.

I was wearing a white gown, I noticed.

When I looked Lewis up and down, he was wearing a white suit, with a red tie.

"Lewis, I'm confuesed. Where the hell am I, and why are we formal? Is this like some sort of Dead Formal Wedding Day thingy?"

He sort of snorted, and leant beside me.

"This room is nice..."

"Lewis, your dodging my question..."

"Well maybe I don't know the answer to your question!" he snapped.

I bit my lip, exactly like Miranda.

"Lewis, are we really dead?"

He wrapped his arm around me.

"Amelia, your a lovely person. This wasn't meant to happen to you at all, it's just, you were there at the wrong time. Sarah was meant to suffer..."

"Sarah? What's this got to do with Sarah?"

Lewis sighed, and looked away from me.

I concentrated on him for a moment, his hair more golden then ever, and his eyes twinkled when ever he glanced somewhere else.

Maybe I still had feelings for him.

Maybe this was just some sort of dead-guilt thing.

I had no idea what it was, though.

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