Killed For You.

Amelia Flawson is 14, when she's pushed off a cliff to her death.
But something's a little strange about Amelia.
Her eyes are open, and her hearts still beating.
But the only thing she can do is talk to people her own species...

This story is totally made up, but I would like to dedicate this story to my BFF Zahrah, who has had a terrible past.
*God Bless you, Zahrah, and family.*


11. Authors Note...

I will be writing a second Story for this.

A sequel, if you will.

This will only happen if I recieve good comments, or if you tell me you like it.

No point in writing a sequel if no-body likes the first!

Thank you for reading, and please tell everyone, beause this is the fourth book I have actually finished in my life, haha!!

(I'm not even kidding).


Tazmin Jeffery,

12 year old writer.

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