"Don't ever forget me," I say, pushing a gold locket into his hands. His forehead presses against mine.
"Never," he promises, and kisses me for what could be the last time ever.

Sophia Smith is Justin Bieber's best childhood friend, and first love. But when he gets a record deal and leaves to Atlanta and away from Canada, Sophia is torn. But Justin promises he will never forget her... but has he really kept that promise?

A story of love, fame, hope and believing...


5. Down to earth

I scoop my dark locks into a high ponytail, only to change my mind and let them fall loose again. Sarah reads the note out loud for like, the tenth time.

"Sophia, meet me at the park around six thirty, may be a little late, Mikey."

She squints her eyes thoughtfully. "He's totally into you. It's a date."

"Sarah," I groan. "It's not at all. We're going to the park, in public, and anyway, I'm not dating anyone else than Justin."

"Sophia, if he doesn't like you, why would he want to hang around with you?" she says, pushing a stray silky blonde ringlet from her face. It clings to her foundation.

"Because..." I look down so my hair hides my pale shameful face. "He knows my secret."

"That you have depression?!" She blurts. I shoot daggers at her with my pale blue eyes. "Sorry," she whispers, taking a hint. A fake smile tugs at a corner of my lips, but it only lasts less than a second. "Would you date him though?"

I've never really though about it to be honest. He's got the looks, yes, but I've never really talked to him. So how the hell does he know I have depression?! I shrug.

"OH MY GOD YOU TOTALLY WOULD!!!" Her face lights up with excitement, as if a lightbulb that's been turned off all this time has finally come back to life.

"No, Sarah, I wouldn't. You should go now," I say, getting up and opening the door for her. She nods her thanks to me, then leaves. I shut the door, and slip down it's frame. My fingertips dig into my forehead. An eerie silence fills the room, but I like it.  I reach up my hand, and my fingers flick off the light in a clumsy motion. Dark. Quiet. Just how I like it. I look up to a little vintage clock that hangs from a breaking nail on my wall. It tells me it's about twenty minutes past six. My eyes slip towards the cracked open window, that looks over the park, where I'm about to go. I force myself up and switch on a bedside lamp. I look in my mirror and stare at my hair for a while, before opting for a chunky side plait. I look myself up and down. Black laced vest top with a peter pan collar. Burgundy skinny jeans. Black flats with a little bow at the tip. Not bad. I slap on some foundation (very little, I don't want to look like I'm trying to impress him, which I am not), and a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Slick nude lipgloss on the lips. And done. I quickly throw a little cardigan over me before leaving my cold and lonely room.

When I get to the park, it's me who's late. Mikey is dangling over a swing, aimlessly and bored.

"Hey!" I call, and his eyes dart up and a smile spreads across his face.

"What time d'you call this?" he teases. I raise my hands and shrug. I slip onto the swing beside him. He's draped over it, resting on his chest. He looks up at me, his eyes looking serious and concerned. "You know that I know you're secret. You have depression. And so do I."


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