"Don't ever forget me," I say, pushing a gold locket into his hands. His forehead presses against mine.
"Never," he promises, and kisses me for what could be the last time ever.

Sophia Smith is Justin Bieber's best childhood friend, and first love. But when he gets a record deal and leaves to Atlanta and away from Canada, Sophia is torn. But Justin promises he will never forget her... but has he really kept that promise?

A story of love, fame, hope and believing...


7. Bigger

The clouds drift across the darkening sky. Mikey looks at me; the stars really bring out the sincerity in his eyes.

"Do you think there's anyway out?" He starts. "Out of this trap. It's like depression's haunting me forever."

I shrug. "Not unless Justin comes back." I can't make myself believe that he's gone forever. A shadow falls across Mikey's face, and he looks different suddenly. Like something dark has posessed him. He grits his teeth and charges off, leaving me standing alone and weak in the dark night. The wind toussles my hair, leaving it limp and messed up, just like my life. I whisper a good bye to Mikey, but his silhouette is slipping out of sight.

School's just the same. It seems darker and lonlier in my eyes, even though I'm surrounded by around 3 of my closest friends. Jenny's forgiven me, I'm guessing, as she's chatting away to me while getting all greedy on a subway. Laura, a gorgeous girl with long ginger hair and striking green eyes, brings up a subject that catches my attention.

"Apparently Mikey's isn't aloud to come back to school. Y'know that guy, the weird one who always sits alone?"

"Why?" I say a bit to quickly. Laura doesn't pick up on it though.

"I dunno, something he did last night?" she shrugs. My eyes widen, and Sarah looks over at me, gawping, and raising her eyebrows mischevously. I shake my head and look away. He stormed off, and was angry. Why? And what did he do? I start to feel queasy.

"Sorry guys, I got to go." I try to get away from them quickly, but Sarah catches my wrist and gives me a questioning look. I scowl at her, break free and run as fast as I possibly can. It's only when I collapse at my front door do I realise just how far I've run. Tears sweep mascara down my cheeks, and I batter my fist against the door. My auntie answers the door with a worried look licked across her face. She takes me in and sits me down, and says a couple things, but I can't hear a word. I try to read her lips, but someone catches my eye. In the doorframe, I see him. Justin. I don't hold back. I dart over, feeling every emotion in the world, and fling my arms out. He does too. I'm about to hug him, but my fingers fall through open air, and I land on the ground. I can taste blood, and everything goes hazy.

My mum is bent over me when I wake up and I meet her eyes. Scared. Concerned.

"What the hell happened?!" she shrieks.

"Justin...he was here. Where is he?!"

"He was never here. He's gone. He's not coming back."

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